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GM Corp. History Features

GM: How The Giant Lost Its Voice   by former GM employee CraiginNC

The Corporation: The Story of My Father, a GM Executive  by Charles Platt  Part 1   Part 2  Part 3

An X-Ray Look At GM’s X Frames (1957 – 1970) Paul N

How GM Nickled And Dimed Americans (And Itself) To Death: Undersized Tires   PN

The GM B-Body: A Love Song In B Major   Len Peters

GM’s 1947 Cadet: Radically Advanced And Aborted Small Car   Paul N

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions & Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Other GM Brands – Part 1  William S.

 GM’s Deadly Sins: (also found under the corresponding division brand)  All by Paul N unless noted

On The Purpose And Nature Of GM’s Deadly Sins

#1  1986 Buick Riviera

#2 1971 Chevrolet Vega

#3 1971 Pontiac Ventura

#4 1991 Saturn

#5 1983 Chevrolet Blazer S-10

#6 1989 Camaro RS

#7 1976 Chevrolet Malibu Classic

#8 1984 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham

#9 1990 Chevrolet Corvette

#10 Cadillac Cimarron

#11 1975-1979 Cadillac Seville

#12 1990 Pontiac LeMans (Daewoo)

#13 1980 Chevrolet Citation

#14 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

#15 1973 Oldsmobile 88

#16 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

#17 1980-1985 Cadillac Seville

#18 1991 Chevrolet Lumina Euro

#19 1984-1988 Pontiac Fiero

# 20 1991 Ninety Eight: A Sad End To The Oldest Oldsmobile –  GM’s Deadly Sin #20   Brendan Saur

#21 1986-1991 Cadillac Seville – And To Think I Owned One

#22 1982 Chevrolet Cavalier – The Decline and Fall of GM in 1.8 Liters

#23 Name And Form

#24 2005 Buick Terraza – The Answer To A Question No One Ever Asked  Brendan Saur

#25 1992 Chevrolet Lumina APV

#26 Oldsmobile Calais Supreme: Car & Driver Predicts Death (Vintage Review)  GN

#27 1976 Cosworth Vega: Too Little, Too Late, Way Too Expensive

1960-1963 Corvair: GM’s Deadliest Sin?


1926 Standard Six: “Money Is Useless”  J. Shafer

1931 96 Country Club Coupe: The Eight As Buick Built It

1942 Buick Series 90 Limited – Icarus’ Twin Carbureted Chariot   Aaron65

1948 Series 40 Special Sedanet: Just A Few Inches Short Of A GM’s Greatest Hit   Paul N

1950 Special Sedanet: Design Analysis: The Full-Sized Fastback Problem (Cohort Classic)

1952 Super: Hmmm, Decisions, Decisions   Jim Cavanaugh

1955 Special: Comparison With 1955 Olds 88

1956 Century Riviera Four-Door Hardtop: The Facebook Friend Magnet Of Its Time  Paul N

1956 Roadmaster Sedan: The Big Boola Boola

1956 Buick Super – His Baby, Coming And Going  Joseph Dennis

1958 Special: Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing To Excess   J. Cavanaugh

1960 LeSabre Wagon: Surf’s Up, Dude!   Jason Shafer

1961 LeSabre: Aqua Time Machine

1961 Electra 225 Convertible – Holding On To Summer  Joseph Dennis

1962 Skylark Convertible: Gimme

1962 Special: A Truly Special Buick  JP Cavanaugh

1963-65 Buick Riviera: The Buick I Can’t Buy   Aaron65

1963 Skylark Convertible: Knocking On Heaven’s Door

1963 Wildcat: I Think I Want To Fight

1964 Electra 225: Whatever Happened To The Deuce And A Quarter?

1964 Riviera: The Peak GM Experience  Paul N

1964 Special DeLuxe: Nothing Special  JP Cavanaugh

1965 Wildcat Convertible: Sabre Tooth Cat Or Dodo Bird?

1965 Riviera – Riviera Rendezvous  Joseph Dennis

1966 Special Deluxe Sedan: Not All That Special

1966 Skylark Gran Sport 400   Paul N

1966 Riviera: The Ultimate Bill Mitchell-Mobile  Paul N

1967 Electra 225 Convertible: The Jayne Mansfield Of Cars  Paul N

1968 Electra 225: The Great Society  Perry Shoar

1968 Riviera: Riding The Curve  Perry Shoar

1969 Skylark Custom Coupe    Tom Klockau

1969 Special DeLuxe Wagon    Paul N

1969 Riviera: A Discourse About Awkwardness, Pragmatism and Family Dynamics   Jason.S

1969 Skylark Custom Convertible – Let Her Cry, For She’s A Lady  Joseph Dennis

1970 Buick GS Sport Coupe – The Strong, Silent Type   Aaron65

1971 Riviera: Bill Mitchells Point-Assed Dead End  Paul N

1971 Riviera (Curbside Fiction)  Jason Shafer

1971 Skylark (with GS badges added)   Tom Halter

1972 Riviera Boattail: Swan Song Or Big Ugly Duck?   Paul N

1972 Skylark Custom Coupe    J. Dennis

1973 LeSabre Custom: A Safe Bet  JP Cavanaugh

1973 Century Regal: The Confident Colonnade?  Perry Shoar

1973 Centurion Convertible: Catching Cows   D.Andreina

1974 Estate Wagon: Hold The Fake Wood, Please

1975 LeSabre Custom Convertible – Candy Apple Cooler  Joseph Dennis

1976 Electra Limited Coupe   JP Cavanaugh

1977 Buick Electra 225 – The Green Goddess of Linden  Orrin

1977 Regal Landau: Cape Cod Colonnade  Brendan Saur

1977-1978 Riviera: A Short Life In Hard Times  Jeff Nelson

1977-1978 Riviera: The Placeholder   William Stopford

1979 Buick LeSabre:  A Curbside Christmas Carol (Curbside Fiction)  Jason Shafer

1980 Skylark: I Gave Up A Peugeot 404 For One Of GM’s Deadliest Sins And It Wasn’t All That Bad  Paul N

1984 Electra Limited Coupe: A Regal Rendevous  Brendan Saur

1984 LeSabre Limited Coupe: I Don’t Remember That Roof Line  Dave Skinner

1984/5 Buick Riviera T-Type   Aaron65

1985 Electra Park Avenue

1985 Riviera:  The Consultation (Curbside Fiction)  Jason Shafer

1985 Riviera: A Ray of Light in the Darkness

1986 LeSabre Custom: Heavenly Hash  Perry Shoar

1986 Regal Limited: Rhapsody In Black   Jason Shafer

1986 Century Limited 2 Door Sedan – Even If Buick Insists Its A Coupe Paul N

1986 Riviera: GM’s Deadly Sin #1   Paul N

1987 LeSabre Hearse: The Official CC Hearse   Paul N

1988-96 Regal (GM-10): Right Car, Wrong Time  William Stopford

1989-96 Century & Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera: Sheer Frustration   William Stopford

1989 Reatta: A Pudding With No Theme   Jeff Nelson

1989 Riviera: What The 1986 Riviera Should Have Been

1989 Electra Limited: Limited’s The Right Word   Brendan Saur

1990 Century Brougham de Baroque Turquoise and Gold Edition    Paul N

1990 Century Coupe: If We Make It Forever It Will Be Good   Paul N

1990 Riviera (Reader’s COAL/Driving Impressions)  Brendan Saur

1991 Regal GS: The Open Source CC   Paul N

1992-96 Roadmaster Sedan   William Stopford

1993-1998 Skylark: Bye-Bye Birdie (Capsule)

1994 Century Wagon: Fighting A Losing Battle

1995 Regal GS Coupe: Is It Worthy?  Paul N

1995-99 Riviera: Out To Sea   William Stopford

1996 Roadmaster Collector’s Edition   Brendan Saur

1996 Regal Olympic Edition: Go For The Gold In Your W-Body

1997 Park Avenue: Better The Second Time Around?  Brendan Saur

2000 Century: Comfortably Numb  Brendan Saur

2005 Terraza: The Answer To A Question No One Ever Asked (GM’s Deadly Sin #23)  Brendan Saur

2006-11 Lucerne: The Smooth, Quiet Road To Nowhere   William Stopford

2008-09 LaCrosse Super: Do 300 Horses and 8 Cylinders Change Your Mind?  William Stopford

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Buick Edition – Part 1, Part 2     William S


1941 Cadillac: The First Modern Cadillac   PN

1950 Series 61 Hot Rod Coupe: The CC Logomobile   Paul N

1954 Series 62 Sedan: GM’s Greatest Hit #2   Paul N

1954 Cadillac Series 60 Special – The Joys Of Long Term Ownership  Joseph Dennis

1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille – You’re The DeVille In Disguise, Oh Yes You Are   Aaron65

1959 Coupe de Ville: False Prophet Of A New Era?   Paul N

1962 Coupe de Ville: Coupe de la Creme 

1962 Series 62 Sedan: Don Draper’s Dream  Laurence Jones

1963 Eldorado    Robert Kim

1963 DeVille Park Avenue: The Original Seville

1963 Series 62 Convertible: What’s A Caddy Like You Doing In A Place Like This?  Tom Klockau

1965 Cadillac Sedan DeVille–Nothing Missing but the Garage Space   Aaron65

1965 Seville: The Car That Beat Back Mercedes and Became a Global Best Seller (Alter-History)   Paul N

1965-1966 Sedan de Ville: The King’s Last Stand

1967 Eldorado: On The Dark Side

1967 DeVille Convertible

1967 DeVille Convertible – Tres Chic  Joseph Dennis

1969 De Ville Convertible: Please Turn Out The Lights When You Leave  Jim Cavanaugh

1970 Fleetwood Brougham: Last Of The True Cadillacs

1972 Coupe de Ville: A Beginning As Well As The Beginning Of The End   Paul N

1972 Eldorado Convertible: The End Of An Exceptional Era   Paul N

1973 Eldorado – Bic Mac  Joseph Dennis

1975-1979 Seville: GM’s Deadly Sin #11   Paul N

1975 Fleetwood 75 Limo: The Longest Production Car Ever   Paul N

1975 Coupe De Ville Custom Regent and Pimp Car History   Jeremiah Birnbaum

1975 Fleetwood Brougham: The Brougham’s Brougham  Tom Klockau

1976 Fleetwood Brougham – When A DeVille Isn’t Big Enough  Brendan Saur

1976 Fleetwood Brougham: Tired, But Soldering On

1978 Seville: Nope, Nothing Wrong Here   Tom Klockau

1978 Eldorado Biarritz Classic Coupe: A Deadly Sin Or Just Deadly?    Paul N

1978 Eldorado: The Biggest, Baddest Brougham Of Them All

1979 Coupe DeVille: Many A Pensioner’s Reward   J. Dennis

1979 Seville: GM’s Deadly Sin #11   Paul N

1979 Seville – Pressing My Luck  Joseph Dennis

1980 Sedan DeVille: Et Tu, Brougham?  Robert Kim

1980 Eldorado Diesel: At Least One’s Left   Tom Klockau

1980-1985 Seville: From Halo To Devil’s Pitchfork – GM’s Deadly Sin #17   Paul N

1980-1985 Seville: Context Is Everything

1980-1985 Seville: How To Lose Momentum (In More Ways Than One)   William Stopford

1983 Eldorado: Mmm, Buttery!   Tom Klockau

1983 Eldorado Biarritz – Garanimals Galore (Capsule)  Brendan Saur

1984 Coupe DeVille: Santa’s Brougham Sleigh   J. Dennis

1984 Cimarron: Poor Execution Meets Bad Timing   Eric703

1984 Coupe DeVille: Shame About The Engine   Tom Klockau

1984 Cadillac Coupe DeVille – You Can Kill A Horse, But Not A Cadillac  Jason Shafer

1986-1991 Seville: GM’s Deadly Sin #21  Paul N

1986 Eldorado: A Swing And A Miss

Cimarron: GM’s Deadly Sin #10   PN

1986-1987 Eldorado (With Touring Suspension)   William Stopford

1986-91 Seville: The Sales In Spain Fall Mostly With The Plain   William Stopford

1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Bougham & 1989 Lincoln Town Car – Buses & Broughams  Joseph Dennis

1987 Allante: Apple Pie In An Italian Suit

1987 Brougham: The Elder Statesman

1987-88 Cimarron: Could This Be The Nicest One Left?

Cadillac Cimarron D’Oro Convertible: This Little Piggy Went To Market   Jason Shafer

1988 Coupe de Ville: How Not To Downsize A Luxury Car

1989 Coupe De Ville and 1990 Sedan De Ville: Better As Time Goes By?   Brendan Saur

1990 Brougham d’Elegance: Too Much Lipstick?  Jim Cavanaugh

1991 Fleetwood Coupe: Turning The Clock Back   Eric703

1991 Sedan deVille: Save Me

1991 Sedan de Ville: Almost Doesn’t Count

1991 Sedan deVille: Bought New For 154 Million Pesos

1992 Brougham: The Only Way To Travel Is Cadillac Style

1992-97 Seville: A Forgotten Contender   William Stopford

1992-97 Seville STS: The Pursuer   William Stopford

1993 Allante – The Wreath and Crest European Roadster

1994-1995 Brougham: The Green Plate Monster   Myra Byrne

Cadillac Catera: Caddy’s Dead Duck   J. Nelson

1998-2004 Seville: The FWD Sport Sedan’s Last Stand  William Stopford

2004-2009 XLR: The Allanté, Part II  Brendan Saur

2005-09 BLS: Budget Luxury Sedan? Blingy Little Saab?   William Stopford

2005-11 STS: The Smooth, Quiet Road To Nowhere   William Stopford

2006 – 2011 DTS: A Letter To GM   William Stopford

2010-2014 CTS Sport Wagon   William Stopford

2014 CTS-V Wagon  Brendan Saur

2016 Cadillac ATS Coupe–Child of Thunderbird or Bavaria?   Aaron65

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Cadillac Edition – Part 1, Part 2   William S.


1932 Chevrolet Confederate  Jason Shafer

1935 Master Deluxe: Bare Bones Bar Sign

1936 Master DeLuxe: Is It Too Early For A Dubonnet?  Paul N

1946 Chevrolet Stylemaster – Marinated and Seasoned Leftovers  Jason Shafer

1949 Fleetline Special: Your Choice Of Fastback or Notchback   PN

1952 Styline DeLuxe: The Sun Sets On GM’s New Postwar Design   PN

1953 Chevrolet 210 in Sweden  Robert Kim

1954 210: See The USA, In Your Chevrolet

1955 Chevrolet: The iCar   Paul N

1955 Nomad: Stealing The Thunder From The High Priced Cars   Paul N

1957 210 Handyman Wagon: My Backyard Classic – Now What?  Lee Wilcox

1957 Bel Air Sport Sedan: Why Can’t I Rent THAT At Hertz?  Laurence Jones

1958 Biscayne Three-Door Sedan: The Chevy Cherry Gets Popped   Paul N

1958 Delray Two Door Sedan        Marckyle64

1958 Chevrolet Impala  Jason Shafer

CC Drive Report:  1958 Impala  Jason Shafer

1959 Chevrolet Biscayne: The Original Art Car   PN

1959 Impala Hardtop Sedan: Holy Batwing Die-Cast Dreams

1960 Chevrolet Nomad  Jason Shafer

1960 Impala Sport Coupe: Gullwing, Take Two

1960.5 Corvair Monza Coupe: The Most Influential Car of the Decade  PN

1961 Corvair 95 Rampside: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time  Jim Cavanaugh

1961 Brookwood wagon: California Patina  Dave Skinner

1962 Corvair Monza Wagon (Lakewood): Why Did We Go Ahead And Build This?   Paul N

1962 Corvette: The Marilyn Monroe of Cars (NSFW in USA)  Paul N

1961-1965 Chevy II : Chevy Builds A Compact, Take II   Paul N

1963 Corvair Greenbriar: GM’s Greatest Hit #6 – We Don’t Want A Better VW Bus   Paul N

1963 Corvair Monza Spyder Convertible: The Turbo Revolution Started Here  PN

1963 Chevy II Nova 400: It’s Exciting!  JP Cavanaugh

1963 Impala SS: Giddyup, Giddyup 409   Paul N

1964 Biscayne Taxi   Jason Shafer

1964 Chevelle Malibu SS: The Belle Late For The Ball  Laurence Jones

1964 Corvair Monza Convertible: Writing A New Chapter

1964 Corvair Monza Spyder Convertible: Activate The Turbocharged Scat   Tom Klockau

1964 Bel Air Wagon: Love Transcends All  Paul N

1964 Bel Air Six: Try A Little Tenderness  Paul N

1964 Impala Sport Coupe: Six Cylinder Three-On-The-Tree Oxymoron   PN

1964 Impala SS 409: Real Fine   Tom Klockau

1965 Chevelle Malibu SS Convertible: Hot Fun In The Summertime

1965 Chevelle Malibu six sedan   P Shoar

1965 Impala Super Sport: The Peak Chevrolet Experience; The Peak Full-Size Car Experience   PN

1965 Caprice: The LTD Reaction   PN

1965 Corvair Monza Convertible – Shades Of Self-Recognition  Joseph Dennis

1966 Corvair Monza: The Best European Car Ever Made In America    Paul N

1966 Caprice Coupe – Chevy Joins The Great Brougham Epoch

1966 Impala Hardtop Sedan: It Was Grandpa’s Car (My CC)

1966 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible   Jason Shafer

The Birth of the Camaro   Paul N

1967 Chevrolet Caprice (GM’s 100 Millionth?)   Aaron65

1967 Caprice Estate: Nice, But Not Nice Enough

1967 Chevelle Malibu: The American Big Opel   Paul N

1968 Camaro: The Morning After   Paul N

1968 Camaro SS396: The Last Original and Unmolested One Left?

1968 Camaro Six Convertible: Have It Your Way  Joseph Dennis

1968 Impala (with Olds 455 engine): Hybrid Of A Different Sort   Paul N

1969 Nova two-door sedan   Robert Kim

1969 C 20 Custom Camper: A Novel Way To Do The U.S.A        Jason Shafer

1969 Camaro: The Last Unmolested ’69 Camaro Six Daily Driver In The World?   Paul N

1969 Chevelle Nomad: More Name Debasement And Confusion  Paul N

1969 Chevelle Wagon: Sporty And Wagon Don’t Mix  Dave Skinner

1969 Corvair Monza Convertible   Aaron65

Dog Dish Afternoon, Part I–1969 Chevy Nova 396 and 1969 Plymouth GTX   Aaron65

1970 Impala: The Best Big Car Of Its Time   Paul N

1970 Caprice: Iris And Albert Make A Trip To Houston  Jason Shafer

1970 Camaro: GM’s Greatest Hits No.1 – Even Pininfarina Praised It   Paul N

1970 Camaro Six   Tom Klockau

1970 Nova: Have It Your Way  Paul N

1971 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe   Aaron65

1971 Biscayne: Don’t Look For It In The Brochure

1971 Vega Kammback: Winner Of 1971 Small Car Comparison And GM’s Deadly Sin #2   Paul N

1972 Caprice Coupe: Cadillac Carbon Copy?

1973 Caprice Estate Wagon: Still Doing Its Big Job

1973 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe – The Minato Connection   Jason Shafer

1974 Vega Kammback: Deadly Sexy   Paul N

1974 Vega Panel Express: A Sedan Delivery For The ’70s

1974 Nova Spirit of America    Dave Skinner

1975 Chevrolet Bel-Air Wagon  Jason Shafer

1975 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu  Jason Shafer

1975 Chevrolet Nova: X Marks The Spot Of An Uncertain Future  Jason Shafer

1976 Cosworth Vega: GM DS #26 – Too Little, Too Late, Way Too Expensive   PN

1976 Monte Carlo Landau: Hope You Like Green (My CC)  Chris Greene

1976 Corvette Stingray – Carpe Diem  Joseph Dennis

Laguna S-3: A Beach Too Far   Jim Cavanaugh

1977 Nova Sedan: Incognito Camaro

1977 Bel Air Coupe (Canada)

1977 Impala: A Family Road Trip To Houston And Cut-and-Shoot, Texas

1978 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 and 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra–Two Right Answers to the Same Question   Aaron65

1978 Caprice Classic: Chevy Knocks One Out Of The Park

1979 Malibu Coupe   Paul N

1979 Malibu Classic Sedan – Family First  Joseph Dennis

1979 Monza Coupe: Vega II Or Mustang Too?  Jim Cavanaugh

1979 Chevrolet Nova:  Billy Takes His Nova to the Races (Curbside Drama)  Jason Shafer

1980 Caprice Classic: It’s The NEW Chevrolet (My CC)  Carmine

1980 Chevrolet Citation : Roll With It, Baby   Joseph Dennis

1980 Chevette Scooter: A New Category Of Vehicle   Paul N

1980 Camaro and Camaro RS: The Object of High School Dreams   Jim Grey

1980 Camaro Z28 – Compromised Expectations   J. Dennis

1981 Caprice Landau Diesel: An Unlikely Car In The Passing Lane   Eric703

1981 Malibu Classic: A Wallflower From Turbulent Times   Eric703

1981 Citation X-11: A Brief Glimpse Of Brilliance Paul N

1982 Camaro RS: Rally Wheels Absolve Many Sins   Paul N

1982 Malibu Wagon: What’s Got Six Cylinders, Four Wheels and is Not a Deadly Sin?   P. Shoar

1989 Camaro RS: GM’s Deadly Sin #6: 46 Trips To The Dealer In The First Year   Paul N

1982 El Camino: Every Day Is Satyr-day

1983-87 El Camino SS: El Caminos de la Costa Este  Robert Kim

1982-1988 Celebrity: When Life Hands You Lemons…

1982-1990 Celebrity: Beating The Bull To The Rodeo  W. Stopford

1983 Camaro Berlinetta: The Gold-Trimmed Camaro With An Italian Name   Eric703

1983 Cavalier: 20/20 Hindsight 30 Years Down The Road

1984 Caprice Classic Coupe: America’s Capricious Thirst For Big Coupes (Outtake)  Brendan Saur

1985 Nova (NUMMI): Lessons Not Learned

1985 S-10 Blazer: GM’s Deadly Sin #5: Sloth   Paul N

1985-89 Spectrum   William Stopford

1985 Impala: Going Out In Style   Jim Grey

1986 Caprice Classic Brougham: Niedermeyer Finally Finds Broughmance   Paul N

1987 Chevrolet Turbo Sprint (Suzuki Cultus) – The Fiat 500 Abarth Of Its Time  Paul Niedermeyer

1988 Nova Twin Cam: A Toyota From Chevrolet    Dave Skinner

1988 Celebrity – When Life Hands You Lemons…

Chevrolet Cor-Nova 1985 (NUMMI): Lessons Not Learned  J. Nelson

1988-1996 Beretta: Latchkey Kid       William Stopford

1990 Caprice Classic Brougham LS: Embarrassing FWD Cadillacs Since 1987

1990 Chevrolet Cavalier Z-24- Camaro Z-28 Minus Four?  Dave Skinner

1990-94 Lumina: Not Quite Saving The Best ‘Til Last   William Stopford

1991 Lumina Euro: Where’s The Light?  GM DS #18  Paul N

1991 Chevrolet Lumina APV – Go Home GM, You’re Drunk  Jim Grey

1992 Corvette – GM’s Deadly Sin #9  Paul N

1992 Cavalier RS  Aaron65

1993 Corsica and Cavalier Z24    Brendan Saur

1994 Caprice Classic LS: Last Of The Best

1994 Corsica: A Fitting Exile For Napoleon  Brendan Saur

1994-96 Impala SS – Killer Whale    William Stopford

1995 Caprice Classic: Engineers’ Choice

1995 Lumina LS: I Fought The Taurus, And The Taurus Won

1995-99 Monte Carlo: Lumina Coupe Two   William Stopford

1996 Beretta: A Dash Of Sportiness

1997 Camaro: Conspicuously Purple

2001 Prizm: A Corolla By Any Other Name  Brendan Saur

2006 Impala: The Last “Good Used Car” From General Motors     William Stopford

2006-09 Impala SS: A Hot Mess     William Stopford

2014 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ: Rental Classic   Jason Shafer

2015 Malibu (Rental Car Review): This Is The Worst GM Can Do Now?   William Stopford

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Chevrolet Edition – Part 1, Part 2   William S.


General Motors

A Celebration of GM’s ’59 Models–Bats and Deltas, but No 88s   Aaron65

The General Motors N-Body: How Quickly We Forget (Pontiac Grand Am, Oldsmobile Calais and Buick Skylark/Somerset)  Jason Shafer

When The Old Names Died: Part I (Astro, Safari, Bonneville, Grand Prix, Regal, Century, Monte Carlo)    William Stopford

When The Old Names Died: Part II (LeSabre, Park Avenue, S-10, Cavalier, Grand Am)    William Stopford


Metro Convertible: Did I Take The Autopia Offramp?


1937 Oldsmobile Six: A Christmas Story  Mike Butts

1951 Super 88: Rocketing Back In Time   Paul N

1955 Eighty-Eight Holiday Coupe: Comparison With 1955 Buick Special

1956 Super 88: The Sedan Goes On A Holiday  JPCavanaugh

1960  Dynamic 88  Jason Shafer

1962 F-85 Cutlass Coupe   Lawrence Jones

1962 Dynamic 88 Holiday Hardtop

1963 Starfire: The Pageant Loser, But Good Enough For Denise Huxtable  Laurence Jones

1964 & 1965 Ninety Eight: In The Key Of C

1966 Toronado: GM’s Deadly Sin #16 – Let’s Try A Different Position  Paul N

1966  Toronado – Personal Luxury, Oldsmobile Style  JP Cavanaugh

1966  Toronado, The Almost A Riviera   Aaron65

1966 Delta 88 Coupe – No Room At The Inn  Joseph Dennis

1966 Dynamic 88 Celebrity – One’s Dynamic Expression  Joseph Dennis

1968 442: It’s All In The Numbers    Paul N

1968 Ninety-Eight Convertible: Fading Sky  Brendan Saur

1969 Vista Cruiser: GM’s Greatest Hit No. 8  Paul N

1971 Cutlass Supreme: Something To Talk About

1972 Cutlass Supreme Convertible: Carefree Conclusions   Laurence Jones

1972  Toronado: Reading The Tea Leaves Near Stage Left

1972 Delta 88 Convertible (COAL)  Chris O’Bryant

1972 Delta 88 Royale Convertible: Practical Impracticality  Jason Shafer

1972 98 Hardtop Coupe: Not Just Another Pretty (Huge) Car

1973 Delta 88: GM’s Deadly Sin #15  Paul N

1973 Omega: “The Compact Olds”

1975 98 Regency

1975  Starfire: SX Appeal     Joseph Dennis

1975 Cutlass Supreme Brougham: The Right Car At The Right Time

1976 Ninety-Eight: Orville Builds A House For Irene  Jason Shafer

1977 Cutlass Supreme Salon: Evergreen    J.Dennis

1977 Cutlass Supreme Brougham   Tom Klockau

1977 Omega F-85: The Fully Clothed Stripper   PN

1978 Toronado Brougham   GGH06

1978 Omega: Grandma’s BMW   Paul N

1978 Delta 88 Diesel – In Defense of the Olds 350 Diesel V8

1978 Delta 88 Royale Sedan – Sunday Best  Joseph Dennis

1978 Cutlass 4-4-2

1978 Ninety-Eight Regency: All The Brougham You Want, In A Tidier Package

1979 Ninety-Eight Regency: Rockin’ A Real Rocket        Joseph Dennis

1979-85 Toronado – The Forgotten E-Body  Robert Kim

1980  Cutlass Supremes – A Tale Of Two Brothers  Joseph Dennis

Curbside Unicorns: The Sporty FWD Oldsmobiles of the 1980s   William Stopford

1981 Delta 88 Royale Brougham – Loose Pillow Tumor Syndrome  Brendan Saur

1981 “El Oldsmopile”   Paul N

1982-96 Cutlass Ciera: Official Car Of The Chelsea Projects   William Stopford

1983 Delta 88 Royale: A Lesson In Aesthetics

1984 Ninety Eight: Your Father’s Last Oldsmobile

1984 Cutlass Ciera Brougham Convertible by Hess & Eisenhardt   Mr. Edward Mann

1985 Delta 88 Royale: Last Call For The Lansing B-Body Coupe

1985 Ninety Eight Regency Brougham: I’m Sorry, That’s a Personal Subject!

1985 Toronado Caliente: Middle Ground Never Looked So Good   Eric703

1986 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Sedan: Why Brougham When You Can Supreme Brougham?

1986 Firenza S Coupe: J-School Graduate   Ed Stembridge

1987 Delta 88 Royale Brougham: H Is For Harmony

1987 Cutlass Ciera: The Triumph Of TrueCoat  Perry Shoar

1988 Toronado Trofeo: The Downward Spiral  Brendan Saur

1989-96 Cutlass Ciera & Buick Century: Sheer Frustration   William Stopford

1989 Toronado Troféo   Tom Klockau

1990 Silhouette: How Hard Can It Be To Make A Minivan? (Part 3)  Jim Cavanaugh

1990 Silhouette   Brendan Saur

1990 Ninety Eight Regency   Tom Klockau

1991 Ninety Eight: 1961 Revisited

1991 Ninety Eight: A Sad End To The Oldest Oldsmobile –  GM’s Deadly Sin #20   Brendan Saur

1992 Custom Cruiser (Capsule)

1992 Ninety Eight Touring Sedan: A Regency With An Attitude

1994 Eighty-Eight: Hooked On The Memory You

1996 LSS: Still Your Father’s Oldsmobile, Just With An Extra “S”  Brendan Saur

1998 Achieva SL: The Grass is Still Greener (Outtake)  Brendan Saur

1998 Bravada: Lacking Bravado  Brendan Saur

1998 – 2002 Intrigue: Oldsmobile’s Last Best Hope   W. Stopford

2001 Alero GLS: Going Out in Style  Brendan Saur

2001 Aurora 4.0: Dawn Turns To Dusk  Brendan Saur

2002 Aurora: Into That Quiet Good Night

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Oldsmobile Edition – Part 1   William S.

The Curbside Classic Complete Cutlass Chronicles (CCCCC)  All by Paul N unless noted

 The CCCCC Central: All Chapters Accessible From Here

 1961-1963):  Ambitions Unfulfilled (Part 1)

 1964 F-85 Coupe:  From Modest Beginnings (Part 2)

 (1966-1967) A Love Supreme (Part 3)

 1970 Cutlass S Coupe: The End Of An Era  (Part 4)

 1970 Cutlass Supreme Coupe: A New Supreme Era Begins (Part5)

 1976 Cutlass Colonnade Coupe: Expletive Deleted (Part 6)

 1975 Cutlass Supreme Colonnade Sedan: The Huge Surprise  (Part 7)

 1977 Cutlass Supreme  and Brougham Coupes: Coupe Supremacy (Part 8 )

 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon: We Don’t Want No Stinkin’ Fastbacks (Part 9)

 1978 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Coupe: Supremely Popular, with Certain Exceptions (Part 10)

 1980-1987 Cutlass Supreme Four-Door Sedans: The Oldsmobile Seville (Part 11)

 1983 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Coupe: A Classic Death (Part 12)

1992 Cutlass Supreme: How The Mighty Have Fallen (Part 13) Greg Beckenbaugh


1936 DeLuxe “Silver Streak” Six Coupe: Pontiac’s Second Resuscitations   PN

1948 DeLuxe Streamliner Station Wagon: At The Dawn Of The Jet Age, A Varnishing Breed  Jim Cavanaugh

1950 Chieftain Eight Deluxe Sedan: A Spark In The Night

1957 Star Chief Catalina Coupe

1957 Chieftan Safari Nine-Passenger Wagon: Are We There Yet?  Jim Cavanaugh

1959 Pontiac Catalina–Options? I Hate Options.   Aaron65

1959 Catalina Vista Sedan : Wide-Tracking To Success               Paul N

1960 Ventura Hardtop Coupe: Have The Wheels Come Off The American Dream?  Paul N

1960 Bonneville and Catalina (Capsule)  Paul N

1961 Bonneville: Fifth Place Today, But Look Out Tomorrow  Dave Skinner

1962 Star Chief: Does This Color Make My Butt Look Big?  Jim Cavanaugh

1963 Tempest LeMans: Pontiac Tries To Build A BMW Before BMW Built Theirs, And Almost Succeeds    Paul N

1963 Catalina: The Sexiest Big Sedan Of Its Time    Paul N

1964 Tempest Custom Four-Door Sedan: You Bet It Hauls

1964 Bonneville Brougham: The True Father Of The Great Brougham Epoch?   PN

1965 Bonneville Embassy Nine-Passenger Limo By Superior: Now In Sweden

1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2   Aaron65

1965 LeMans Coupe: The 3 Series Of Its Day   Paul N

1966 GTO: A Goat Or A Mule?   Jim Cavanaugh

1966 Star Chief Executive: Executive Privilege

1967 Tempest Custom Coupe: A GTO By Any Other Name  Paul N

1967 Firebird Convertible – Dig That Aqua Paint!   Tom Klockau

1967 Firebird “428” Convertible – Truth In Badge Engineering

1967 Bonneville Hardtop Coupe    J. Grey

1968 Firebird 400: Delivering Childhood Memories, Twice Daily

1968 Firebird Convertible – The Cool Kid  Joseph Dennis

1968 Catalina Convertible: Let’s Go Wide-Tracking

1969 GTO The Judge: Here Come Da Judge   Jim Cavanaugh

1969 Grand Prix: The Most Beautiful Pontiac Ever  Paul N

1969 Grand Prix – What the Blue (and Pink) Blazes?!   Tom Klockau

1969 Tempest Custom S Coupe: The Ex-secretary’s Wanna-be GTO  Paul N

1971 LeMans Hardtop Coupe – Guilty Pleasures  Joseph Dennis

1971 LeMans Sport Convertible – Bronzed For The Summer  Joseph Dennis

1979 Executive Safari: Our Kind Of Brown Station Wagon

1971 Ventura II: Badge Engineering Begins In Earnest – GM’s Deadly Sin #3  Paul N

1972 Firebird: I Laugh At Over-Restored Cars   Tom Klockau

1972 Catalina: Getting More For Your Dollar

1972 Bonneville: And Who said The Full Size Sedan Is Dead?   Brendan Saur

1972 Luxury LeMans: Motown’s Mid-Size Rebel Gets Broughamed (Vintage Review)  GN

1973 Le Mans Coupe   Dave Skinner

1973 Grand Ville Convertible: Lady In Waiting   Jason Shafer

1974 Grand Ville: A Love Gone Horribly Wrong     Joseph Dennis

1975 Firebird Trans Am: Not An Ugly Duckling, But Not Quite A Swan  William Stopford

The “Why Do I Like This?” File, Part I: 1975 Pontiac Grand Prix   Aaron65

1975 Le Mans Safari Wagon     Paul N

1976 Grand Prix LJ: Grand Size, Medium Prize

1977/78 Firebird – Jim Rockford’s Kissin’ Cousin?

1977 Bonneville Brougham: This Grandma Had Class

1977 Grand LeMans: Retrograde Colonnade

1977 Firebird Formula – Summer Has Come And Gone  Joseph Dennis

1978 Grand Prix: GM’s Deadly Sin #14  Paul N

1978 Grand Am – Neither “Grand” nor “Am” (Capsule)  Brendan Saur

1978 Bonneville Brougham: No, Pontiac Didn’t Just Make Firebirds In The Seventies

1978 Pontiac (Ponitac?) LeMans Safari   Aaron65

1979 Bonneville Brougham Coupe: Who Needs A Cadillac?

1979 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ – Ride On The Rhythm  Joseph Dennis

1980-1984 Phoenix: A Short and Feeble Second Life   PN

1980 Firebird TA Turbo: The Final Blow-Out  Paul N

1983 Pontiac Firebird 25th Anniversary Daytona 500 Limited Edition Trans Am   Perry Shoar

1983 Bonneville “G” Wagon – Dont Ask Questions, Just Roll With It

1984 Fiero: GM’s Deadly Sin #19 – Give Us Five Years To Get It Almost Right And Then We’ll Kill It   Paul N

1984 Fiero Indy: Do You Feel Lucky?   J. Dennis

1984 6000: Dad’s Wagon  Carlo diTullio

1985 Grand Prix: Getting In Touch With My Inner GM (Driving Impressions)  Brendan Saur

1985 Parisienne Brougham: About As French As French Toast  Brendan Saur

1986 Parisienne: Yours For $400   Paul N

1986 Parisienne: Last Of The Cheviacs   Perry Shoar

1986-91 6000 S/E: Twenty Four More Years!   Robert Kim

1987 Sunbird GT   PN

1988 Pontiac Safari Woody Wagon

1988 Transvertible: Long Lost GM Prototype Discovered   Paul N

1989 Bonneville LE: The Many Lives Of The ’80s Bonneville   Tom Klockau

1989 Safari: Highway Scenery   Eric703

1990 Le Mans: The Lows and Rocky Mountain Highs of GM’s Deadly Sin #12   Paul N

1991 Firebird Convertible: Welcome Back, After A Long Time Gone   Eric703

1991 Grand Prix: Neither Grand Nor Inspiring To Write About   Paul N

1992 Sunbird SE Convertible: The Most Appealing J Car?   B. Saur

1993 Grand Am: American Graffiti   Paul N

1994 Trans Sport SE   GGH06

2001 Aztek: A Face Only A Mother Could Love

2007-09 G5: Old Habits   William Stopford

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Pontiac Edition – Part 1, Part 2  William S.


Saturn’s Early Years: Corporate Camelot   Jeff Nelson

1992 SL: GM’s Deadly Sin #4: The Eulogy   Paul N

2002 Saturn VUE: Just Enough, Too Late  Gerardo Solis

2004 L300: A Not-So-Different Kind Of Car  Brendan Saur

Something About Those Saturns  Mark Borcherding

GM South America/Mexico

Chevrolet Opala: Brazil’s Favorite Car   Rubens

Chevrolet Varaneio: Brazil’s Suburban   PN