CC Capsule: 1973 Imperial LeBaron Coupe – Green Machine

Imperials were always rare cars, but by the early 1970s, they were especially scarce, at least when compared to contemporary Cadillacs and Lincolns. After 1975, the Imperial marque was a done deal (unless you count the bustle-back, rebodied Cordoba or EEK restyled Fifth Avenue). The rarest of the rare was the two-door hardtop.

1973 was the last year for the fuselage-bodied Chryslers, and that included the Imperial. By now, there were just two models, the two-door hardtop and the four-door hardtop. Though the Imperial had started sharing the Chrysler chassis in 1967, the Imperial was still top of the line and priced accordingly: $7541 for the sedan and $7313 for the coupe. Only 16,729 Imperials were built for the 1973 model year, of which a mere 2,563 were coupes.

I ran across this very cool dark green Imperial a few days ago, but didn’t have my camera. Yesterday I was on the way to pick my folks up from the airport, but stopped long enough to get a few shots of this LeBaron. It appears to be in very nice condition, other than missing wheel covers and some rust on the rear bumper. Hopefully I’ll see it at some of the cruise-ins this spring. Check out the shot below with the New Beetle in the background; this is a LARGE car!