Vintage CC Outtake: Peugeot Headquarters in 1966

The_lobby_of_Peugeot_headquarters_in_Paris_1966 (683x800)

It’s a shame that Peugeot is not on our shores (and Citroën, for that matter), but this nifty photograph, posted by Dick Johnson on the forum, shows not only a cool 204 in what is identified as Peugeot headquarters, but an oh-so-Mod ’60s desk! The desk is cool, the clock over the entrance is cool, and so are the cars. The receptionist looks quite nice too. Please note there are at least two DSs out front, plus a Renault 4 and a Dauphine.


And just for Paul, here is another shot, with a lovely 404 sedan and 204 Cabriolet in the background. Donc très bien! Was there a more modern and looking-ahead era than the Jet Age? You expect James Bond to walk in and confront Auric Goldfinger, who would be buying a dozen 404 Cabriolets. Or buying Peugeot.

I really would like to go back in time to Paris and check out all the auto agencies–and acquire an impressive amount of Peugeot, Citroën and Renault brochures.

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