A Refueling Station So Good, It’s a CCC


You have had a busy day walking around the city, going to the zoo, and hunting for CC’s.  With all the excitement, it doesn’t take long for your fuel tank to hit empty.

Have no worries!  Let me show you the Customized Curbside Cuisine truck.  While it looks like a Chevrolet Astro suffering from some kind of funky steroids, it’s actually a fully operating food truck!


Think I’m joking?  Just look closer.  While we all should all avoid discussing religion, politics, or sex on here (well, maybe the subject of sex does arise periodically) we do all share the need for food.

Okay, Jason, you must be thinking, this food truck has a good name – so what?  Just take a look at this menu to put all concerns to rest:


How could culinary and creative skill like this not tempt your tastebuds?  While this is only a partial menu, what cannot be seen is the Camry (vanilla ice cream on a sugar free cone), the Citation (one dozen deep fried Oreos that sounds promising but might leave you with gastric distress), and the Corolla (with turkey so full of L-Tryptophan you should not operate machinery).


So the next time you are out prowling for your local CC’s, keep an eye peeled for the Customized Curbside Cuisine food truck.  If you don’t see one, it will soon be coming to a curbside near you.