Cohort Outtake: Bristol 400


Just so you know, we here at CC have been listening to your requests on No Curbside Classic Day. One such car was an English Bristol, one of a few airplane companies to attempt automaking after WWII. I think I can safely say that I will not find one of these myself, but I did notice a fine example posted to the Cohort by johnh875. This 400 is an example of the first Bristol car, which was introduced in 1947 and built through 1950.

800px-Bristol_2Litre_2image: wikimedia commons

These cars were heavily based on prewar BMWs such as the 326 and 328, and the same basic chassis were underneath subsequent restylings, though Chrysler V8s were used in lieu of the BMW inline six starting in the early Sixties. Here’s hoping one of our overseas Cohorts will get a full set of pics for a proper CC!