About Curbside Classic: Us

Curbside Classic is dedicated to the pursuit of documenting the older cars still on our streets, as well automotive history in general. A more detailed description of our mission and site is here. CC began in February of 2011, and has grown rapidly since then, attracting hundreds of thousands of Unique Visitors per month from around the globe. Here are some of the individuals who help make CC possible:

paul 600
Paul Niedermeyer : Founder/Executive Editor

Paul has transformed a lifelong passion of checking out interesting cars parked on the street into Curbside Classic. Fed up with corporate life after a stint in television, Paul moved his family to Eugene, Oregon in 1993. On a walk in 2009 he encountered a battered 1972 Cadillac that inspired a story; the light bulb lit and he began to document and write about the old cars still plying the streets. Curbside Classics became one of the most popular series at TTAC.com, and in February of 2011, he founded CurbsideClassic.com to create a home for writers and readers that share a similar interest for everything automotive, but most of all older cars and history.

Perry Shoar: Managing Editor

A jack of all trades, Perry has worked in TV, non-profit development and healthcare.  He has an associate’s degree in nursing from Columbus State Community College and a BA in communications and media production from Antioch College.  Raised in upstate New York and central Ohio, he has traveled in Europe and the Middle East, gaining an appreciation for European hatchbacks and Japanese imports in addition to everything else on four wheels.  When not spoiling his two cats, Perry can be found ogling the old cars of Bloomington, Indiana, camera in hand.

Regular Contributors and Editors (listed alphabetically):


Jim Cavanaugh
:  As a child, he never understood why the other kids would rather play somewhere other than in a car.  As a teen, he decided that if he traded frequently enough, he could eventually own one of everything.  When this plan revealed itself as impractical (it happened while spitting out rust during replacement of his fourth exhuast system in two years), he augmented his experiences by reading every source of car-related material he could get his hands on, while always trying to own and drive interesting cars.  He somehow looked up from cars long enough to get married and have three children who are now in high school and college.  When Jim is not thinking or writing about cars, he practices law in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he is always on the lookout for another Curbside Classic.

Tom Klockau: Senior Editor

Tom has had an obsession with cars ever since he could identify one. Having parents who owned such cool cars as a 1951 Porsche 356 and 1973 Volvo 1800ES didn’t hurt. From kindergarten through middle school, he frequently got in trouble for drawing cars during class, and entertained fellow classmates on field trips by identifying every car that went by. He grew up with many Volvo 240s and 740s and became a lifelong Volvo fan. He is on his third one, but can appreciate just about anything on wheels. Frequent trips to car dealerships, classic car shows and cruise-ins are a must to this day. He is a lifelong resident of Northwest Illinois.

Jason Shafer: Senior Editor

Jason was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and has spent his entire life in the Midwest.  From a very early age, he annoyed his parents by being able to name nearly every car on the road and always wanting to stop by the lots of car dealers to see what sorts of finds there were.  This problem continues today, much to the chagrin of his wife. He has been accused of being able to see over and through buildings if anything automotive is parked on the other side.  Few realize how this supernatural ability has yielded some unusual discoveries, such as an ’81 Chrysler LeBaron with a factory police package.
Currently living in Jefferson City, Missouri, Jack is a civil engineer by day.  He knows he is fortunate enough to cover a lot of territory in his life to aid in his never ending quest to find what is lurking in the backyards and fence rows of America.
Dave Saunders
David Saunders: Senior Editor
Dave is a self confessed car-aholic, he is slightly embarrassed to admit to owning well over thirty vehicles so far. Highlights include building a Lotus Seven style car, rare over here Reliant Scimitar GTE, and a handful of Russian SUVs. Located in Southern Alberta he has taken a particular interest in vehicles more unique to the Canadian market.

Ed Stembridge: Tech Guru and Contributing Editor

An industrial designer by education, Ed lives on a small farm in The Middle West where his attempts at small-scale farming regularly provide entertainment to the local “real” farmers. His sons both learned to drive in the same 1969 F-100 Ed did many years ago.

Tony LaHood: Copy Editor/Contributor

Growing up around Peoria, Illinois—not exactly the center of the automotive universe—Tony nevertheless found ways to indulge his total, uncontrollable and utterly irrational passion for cars. His high holy days usually fell in late October; at a time when most of his contemporaries were looking forward to trick-or-treating, he couldn’t wait to visit the local showrooms to scrutinize the next year’s models and fill his bag with catalogs for every make and model.

Wanting never again to hear the words “wind chill factor”, Tony moved to Southern California in 1980 and went to work as an advertising copywriter on the Hyundai account. After unsuccessfully pitching the tagline, “The relentless pursuit of adequacy”, he went on to work as a creative director and writer on Olds, Land Rover, Mazda and Kia. His non-automotive campaigns have sold everything from consumer electronics to real estate developments to cemetery plots. Tony currently works as a freelance copywriter and voiceover talent, and performs comedy and improv on various Orange County stages.
Tony keeps us looking professional, by checking and editing almost everything that goes up here at CC, and for that we are all grateful.

Jim Grey
Jim Grey: Contributing Editor

A lifelong Hoosier, Jim is also a lifelong car spotter. He got his start as a boy in the very late 1960s, sitting on the front stoop watching the cars go by and accurately identifying every one. He envied the boy up the street whose dad sold cars and brought a different demonstrator home every night. He could tell you what car sat in the garage of every neighbor within a three-block radius. He would tell you, if you didn’t stop him. It brings him tremendous joy to find cars that were common during his youth still on the road today. Jim makes software for a living and scratches his itch to write about non-car-related topics on his personal blog at http://blog.jimgrey.net.

Kevin Martin: Contributing Editor

Kevin Martin is an old fart that began his fascination with cars right from the git-go. My aunt tells me that when two, I sat up in bed and announced “my new Nash!” That was for my father’s new 1950 Nash bathtub. I have been trying to atone for that sin ever since.

After graduating from the Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), I designed professional broadcast products for CBS Labs in Stamford, CT; Snowmobiles and other recreational products for John Deere at Henry Dreyfuss Assoc in NYC; Amtrak passenger cars beginning with the Amfleet and Bi-level cars in the mid 70s; and corporate and free lance passenger railcar design ever since. On a job for BART in San Francisco in 1980 I took the opportunity to attend the Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving at Sears Point, CA and was the fastest and most consistent in my class. From then on I crewed on various race teams including Bilstein Rabbits but wisely never attempted to campaign a car myself. You can’t do that crap and send both of your kids to private colleges.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, UT, but have worked in Dulles, VA for the past ten years where I helped to design and install the Automatic People Mover (APM) at Dulles International Airport. The APM has now been running for two years and I am looking forward to getting back to SLC. when I retire.

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 6.14.36 PM
Brendan Saur: Contributing Editor

Brendan is a student at Suffolk University, pursuing his degree in marketing, with a concentration in marketing innovation and new media.  He currently resides in the small town of Hanson, Massachusetts, located thirty minutes south of Boston.  He was born and raised in Milton, MA.

Dave Skinner
Dave Skinner: Contributing Editor

Over the years, Dave has worked as a truck driver, technician, emissions instructor and technical writer. Currently, he works in the LA area for a major automotive manufacturer. Living here exposes him to many rust free Curbside Classics, including the occasional 1970’s Japanese or European survivor. His job also takes him to Japan from time to time, where he has captured several interesting US and Japanese Curbside Classics.

Roger Carr
Roger Carr: Contributing Editor

Roger lives in the UK and has suffered from being a car nut for many years. He graduated in Engineering from Coventry University, which is the nearest equivalent England has to Detroit. Coventry no longer builds any cars, but is still the engineering base for Jaguar and the University building names read like the list of exhibitors at the 1948 London Motor Show……

Roger’s main interest in this forum is to recall the mainstream but now less well remembered European cars and light commercials of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, but reserves the right to go “off piste” from time to time, to cover such things as the Mazda MX-5. He is also very interested in the British Leyland story, from Morris and Austin to the End, and is a volunteer guide and explainer for visitors to Nuffield Place, the home of William Morris, Viscount Nuffield, from 1933 to 1963.

He drives a Ford Fiesta and keeps a 1990 Mazda MX-5 for the summer weekends. The first car he crashed was an Austin miniMetro.

Edward Snitkoff : Contributing Editor

Born and raised in the massive suburban sprawl that is the Mid-Hudson Valley, Ed was always surrounded by cars of all shapes and sizes. When he wasn’t stuck in front of a screen playing video games or watching the television, he was out in the car with his dad, always talking about how he could get a great deal on a future car he was never going to buy. While studying at SUNY Albany and The College of St. Rose, he acquired understanding of how social, political, and cultural events shape the vast country that is the United States, and does not hesitate to apply this information to the automotive world. He is still suffering from the little known condition “Taurus-itis,” which is the pathological infatuation of all things related to Ford’s sedan, past and present. Currently, there is no cure.