Curbside Classic Archive: Motorcycles, Trikes and Bicycles


The Harley-Davidson WLA in the Second World War   Robert Kim


American Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Sprint: Spaghetti Hoglet   Lee Wilcox

Harley-Davidson Hummer: Harley-Davidson’s Little (DKW) Two-Stroke   Paul N

1946-48 Indian Chief   Robert Kim

1972 Rokon Trail Breaker: Rocking On For Over Fifty Years   Paul N

Schwinn Motorbike  Robert Kim

Vintage Bikes from America’s Miracle Museum   Paul N


European Motorcycles

BSA 441 Victor: Heart Thumping   Paul N

1983 BMW R65: Shoulda’ Kept It Forever   Robert Kim

Cooper & Norton: How the Triton Or Norvin Bikes Came To Be   Lee Wilcox

MZ TS 250/1: “Neckermann macht’s möglich!”   Wolfgang

Norton Manx And The Isle of Man TT   Lee Wilcox


Japanese Motorcycles


Honda Super Cub (Honda 50): Vietnam’s Immortal Living Classic   Robert Kim

1959-1964 Honda Benley CA95 Benley Tourer: The Baby Dream  PN

Honda Dream 305: Soichiro Honda’s Dream Comes True   PN

1965 Honda CB450: The Black Bomber Or The Prophet   Lee Wilcox

1968-73 Honda CB350: Underrated Hit   Robert Kim

Honda 350 Family: The Most Popular Bike Ever   Lee Wilcox

1969 Honda CB750: The First Modern Superbike   Lee Wilcox

Honda Hobbit: From a Tiny, Vanished Race of Motorbikes   Robert Kim

1979-82 Honda CB750F: The Second Wave Starts The Mopping Up Operation   Robert Kim


Yamaha DT-1: The Bike That Took Us Down The Road To Get Off The Road   Lee Wilcox

Yamaha XS650: Originality Is Overrated   Lee Wilcox

Yamaha 350: The Giant Killer   Lee Wilcox

Other Japanese Motorcycles

Kawasaki Two-Stroke Triples: The Dirty Dozen   Lee Wilcox

Suzuki T500: The Best Bike (Almost) Nobody Remembers   Lee Wilcox


Motorcycle Racing

Harley-Davidson 750: King of the Track Part 1   Lee Wilcox

Harley-Davidson KR750 Riders: The Men Behind The Dominance   Lee Wilcox

Harley-Davidson XR750: 40 Years Old And Still A Youngster   Lee Wilcox

Mike Hailwood: Mike the Bike   Lee Wilcox

Cal Rayborn: The Life And Death Of An Icon   Lee Wilcox

What The Heck Is Speedway?   Lee Wilcox



1966 Schwinn Deluxe Racer: Another Step Toward Clinical Hoarding   Aaron65

1969 Raleigh Rodeo: My First New Set Of Wheels, Direct From England   Craig Dickson

1972 Schwinn Collegiate Sport: Moving On   JP Cavanaugh

1975 Schwinn Sting-Ray: A Family Tradition   JP Cavanaugh

1976 Schwinn Bicentennial Sting-Ray: It Takes An Independent Man to Ride An Independence Day Themed Child’s Bike   Aaron65