Curbside Classic Archive: Design

General Design History/Themes/Trends:

An Illustrated History of Automotive Aerodynamics:  Part 1 (1899-1939)     Part 2 (1940-59)     Part 3 (1960-Present)   Paul N

Winging It: An Archeology Of The Pontoon Fender   Tatra87

Automotive Aerodynamics: Drag Area – Size Matters   Mike Butts

Hidden Headlights: Now You See Them… Now You Don’t   Part 1     Part 2   Mike Butts

Upside Down Headlights: A Brief And Incomplete History   Stainsey Stainselstein

History Of Six Tail Light Corvettes   Tom Halter

Cars Without Grilles: I Have Not Mouth And I Must Scream   Mike Butts

The Short And Odd Life Of The Two Door Station Wagon   Paul N

The Two-Door Sedan (1920-2010): Its History and the Last 2-Door Sedan For Each Brand and Model (US Market)   Paul N

One Box To Rule Them All: An Archeology Of The Minivan   Tatra87

The Bucket Seat Era Started Modestly In 1958 And Now Bench Seats Are History   Paul N

VW Goes To Italy For A New Design For The Beetle: Myth And Reality   Paul N

Planes, Rockets And Automobiles: Aero Influence In Car Design   Barry Koch

Fade To Gray: Where Have All The Car Colors Gone?   Tom Halter

Specific Car Model Design Analysis/History (Chronological):

How The 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Ushered In A Design Revolution Thanks To A Hot Radiator   Paul N

Who Actually Styled the 1952 Bentley Continental?   Don Andreina

Buick’s Fully-Open Rear Wheel Wells (1953-1957): The Year-By-Year Opening   Paul N

The Studebaker Sedan’s Last Decade of Styling: Magic With Leftovers (1953-1963)   JP Cavanaugh

1955 Chevrolet Biscayne (XP-37): Chuck Jordan’s Motorama-mobile Had A Better Rear End Than Front End   Paul N

Pininfarina’s Revolutionary Florida: The Most Influential Design Since 1955   Paul N

Alternate Designs for the Continental Mark II   Tom Halter

Why The 1959 Studebaker Lark Front End Looked So Much Like The 1960 Valiant’s   Paul N

Mercedes-Benz W110/111/112 Fintails: Béla Barényi And The Elusive Pluckenheckflosse   Don Andreina

How The 1960 Corvair Started A Global Design Revolution   Paul N

1960 Plymouth XNR: Exner’s Hot Slant-Six Corvette Fighter That Almost Got Built   Paul N

Did This 1962 Exner Model Inspire the 1966 Toronado?   Paul N

1962 Plymouth & Dodge: Brilliant Blunder, Or Suddenly It’s 1977   Paul N

Virgil Exner’s 1963 Stutz Revival: The Drawing That Launched The Whole Neo-Classic-Brougham Era   Paul N

1966 Mazda Luce: Mazda, Bertone and the Alfa That Wasn’t   Don Andreina

1966 Batmobile: Lincoln Futura and the Building of Character   Don Andreina

The Volvo Rear Door Dilemma   Ingvar Hallstrom

1974 Fiat 130 Maremma: Breaking Bella   Don Andreina

Trying To Make (Business Coupe) Sense Of The Gremlin   Paul N

Rolls-Royce Camargue: Two Out Of Three Camargues   Don Andreina

Bill Mitchell’s Parting Shot: 1977 Pontiac Phantom   Paul N

2009 BMW EfficientDynamics and the History of the Sleek BMW Sportscar Shape   Don Andreina

Designer Biographies:

John Blatchley of Rolls-Royce   Don Andreina

Paul Bracq   Part 1     Part 2   Don Andreina

Philippe Charbonneaux: Vive La Différence!   Tatra87

Sir Alec Issigonis   Roger Carr

Wayne Kady (GM)   Paul N

Claus Luthe   Perry Shoar

Chrysler’s Dream Cars from the Fifties
   by Paul N

Dreams For Sale: Ghia GS1 – The Early Production Chrysler Ghias

1951 Chrysler K-310: The Beginning Of The Exner And The Toilet Seat Eras

1953 Chrysler Ghia D’Elegance

The Bad Dreams: Turboflyte and Imperial D’Elegance

Dual Ghia and Ghia L 6.4: Turning Dreams Into Semi-Reality