Curbside Classic Archive: Asian Brands

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1988 Acura Legend Coupe: Precision Crafted Performance   Brendan Saur

1989 Acura Integra LS: A Hot Hatch For The Civic Minded   JP Cavanaugh

1989 Acura Legend LS: The Empire Strikes Back   Brendan Saur

1992-94 Acura Vigor: The Closest Thing to A Real Four Door Hardtop   Paul N

1994 Acura Legend: True Life: “I’m A Legend”   Brendan Saur

1994 Acura Vigor GS: North America’s Only Choice For A 5-Cylinder, 4-Door Hardtop   Brendan Saur

1995 Acura Legend L Coupe: Legends Never Die   Brendan Saur

1996-2004 Acura 3.5RL: A Rather Lost, Relative Letdown, Retrograde Legend   Brendan Saur

1997 Acura EL: It Worked In Canada   Gerardo Solis

1997 Acura Integra: Not Just A Fancy Honda (My CC)

1997 Acura 3.2 TL & 2.5 TL: Not Out To Greener Pastures Yet   Brendan Saur

1999 Acura 3.0 CL: Too Well-Rounded?   Brendan Saur

2005-12 Acura RL: Always A Bridesmaid   Brendan Saur

2006 Acura TL: One Of The Best Japanese Designs Ever   Brendan Saur


The Tangled Story Of Daewoo In The United States   Eric703

Daewoo Espero: J-Car In An Italian Suit   William Stopford

Daewoo Nubira: A Family COAL   William Stopford

1991-97 Daewoo Ace: From Russia With Brougham   Stanislav Alexeyev


1967 Daihatsu Compagno Pickup: The Peugeot 404’s Cute Oriental Cousin   Tatra87

1969 Daihatsu Compagno Convertible   JohnH875

1989 Daihatsu Charade: Treat and Retreat   Paul N

1990 Daihatsu Rocky SE: Technical Knockout   Eric703

1992 Daihatsu Leeza Turbo Spider: Itsy Bitsy Spider  Tatra87

1996-2002 Daihatsu Midget II   David Saunders

1997-99 Daihatsu Applause: *sound of crickets in audience*   William Stopford

1999-2009 Daihatsu Mira Gino: The Japanese Retro Trial (1st Witness)   Tatra87

(see entries under Nissan/Datsun)

Great Wall

2009-14 Great Wall X200/X240: Don’t Laugh, The Chinese Will Get There Eventually   William Stopford


1964-67 Hino Contessa 1300: The Japanese Corvair?   Allan Lacki


1963-68 Honda S500/S600/S800: Small, Brilliant and Fast   David Saunders

1963 Honda T360 Truck: Honda’s Wild 9000 RPM Mid-Engine Pickup (History)    Paul N

1970 Honda N600: From Rolling Acorns Mighty Hondas Grow   Paul N

1973-79 Honda Civic: The Second Little Revolutionary   Paul N

1976 Honda Accord: Modern Architecture     Follow-Up   Paul N

1978 Honda Civic Wagon: Five Doors And Two Speed Hondamatic   Paul N

1979 Honda Prelude: “…A Splendid Automobile”?   Paul N

1980-83 Honda Civic:  The Best Small Car By Unanimous Consent   Paul N

1980 Honda Civic Wagon: Don’t Throw Your Baby Away!   Perry Shoar

1983 Honda Accord: Honda Revolutionizes The US Industry, Again   Paul N

1983-87 Honda Prelude: New Priorities   Perry Shoar

1984 Honda Accord: The Canary In The Coal Mine For The Traditional American Sedan   Jim Grey

1984 Honda Civic DX (& 1987 Si) Hatchback: Peak Civic   Paul N

1984-94 Honda Concerto: Quietly Humming In The Corner   William Stopford

1985 Honda City (FA) Turbo II:  Hey Bulldog  Tatra87

1986-89 Honda Accord: Ignoring The Future In Favor Of The Present   Perry Shoar

1987 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon (Shuttle): The Automotive Swiss Army Knife   Paul N

1990 Honda Accord: Naturalized Citizen   Perry Shoar

1990 Honda Accord LX Coupe: Coupé d’Irrelevance?   Brendan Saur

1990 Honda Civic: PGM-FI? (Canada)   David Saunders

1990 Honda CRX HF: I Was Green When Green Wasn’t Cool   Eric703

1990 Honda CRX Si: A Little Zip On The Commute   Jim Grey

1991 Honda Beat: And The Beat Goes On (In Canada)   David Saunders

1991 Honda Civic Hatchback: Citizen Of The World   Perry Shoar

1991 Honda NSX: Pulling A Ferruccio  Tatra87

1991 Honda Prelude Si: Improving The Original   Tom Klockau

1992 Honda Accord EX: Simply The Best?   Brendan Saur

1993-1997 Honda Accord:  The Ultimate Honda Accord:  And No, It’s Not the 4th Generation  Piersona

1993 Honda Concerto TD: When Is A Honda Not A Honda? (UK)   Roger Carr

1994 Honda Civic (EF2) Shuttle 4WD:  The MVP Of Proto-MPVs  Tatra87

1994 Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC: A Prelude Of Better Things To Come?   B234R

1995 Honda Odyssey EX: How Hard Can It Be To Make A Minivan? (Part 4)   JP Cavanaugh

1996 Honda Accord LX: In Accordance With American Demands   Brendan Saur

1996 Honda Accord Wagon: You Might Think It Was The Last Of The Breed   Jim Grey

1997 Honda Odyssey: Not All Americans Can Get Used To Sushi   Brendan Saur

1998 Honda Civic GX NGV: I Was An Early Car-Sharing Study Guinea Pig (COAL)   Jim Klein

1998 Honda Accord (& 1997 Toyota Camry): Two Very Different Paths   Brendan Saur

2000 Honda Z UM-4: Umm… What Is This?   David Saunders

2001 Honda Prelude: The Postlude Of The Flagship Sports Coupe   Brendan Saur

2006-11 Honda Civic: The Final Progressive Civic?   Gerardo Solis

Hyundai (& Genesis)

The Hyundai Origin Myth Revealed: There’s A Ford in Your Pony (History)   David Saunders

Hyundai Pony: From Humble Origins (History)   Gerardo Solis

1987 Hyundai Excel: The Damn Near Deadly Sin   Paul N

1995-99 Hyundai Accent/Excel: A Strong Foundation   William Stopford

2000-02 Hyundai Atos: Far From Home, And Bleary   Paul N

2007 Hyundai Sonata: Hyundai Changes Its Tune And Sings A Sweeter Melody   Edward Snitkoff

2017 Genesis G90: The Korean Lexus   Brendan Saur


1990-92 Infiniti M30: To Infinity And Nowhere   William Stopford

1990 Infiniti Q45: I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, And Doggonit, People Like Me   Perry Shoar

1990-96 Infiniti Q45: How Not To Launch A Luxury Car Brand   William Stopford

1992 Infiniti M30: Swallowed Up In The Memory Hole   Jeff Nelson

1997 Infiniti J30: Jellybean Jealousy   Brendan Saur

2000 Infiniti Q45t Anniversary Edition: The Japanese Lincoln?   Brendan Saur

2002 Infiniti G20: That Infiniti Badge Is Gonna Cost You   Brendan Saur

2002 Infiniti I35: The Maximum Maxima   Brendan Saur

2003 Infiniti Q45: Third Chance Too Late   Brendan Saur

2006 Infiniti G35x: To Infiniti And Beyond (Driving Impression)   Brendan Saur


1964 Isuzu Bellett: Canadian CC Holy Grail   DougD

1966 Isuzu Bellel: Turkey On A Stick   Tatra87

1971 Isuzu 117 Coupé: Hang In There   Tatra87

1971 Isuzu Bellett 1800 GT: Not Undercover Of The Night   Tatra87

1972 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GTR:  The Best For Last  Tatra87

1975 Isuzu 117 XC Coupé (Series 2): Quite XC-Looking, For An Isuzu   Tatra87

1980 Isuzu 117 Coupé XE:  Square In The Eye  Tatra87

1982 Isuzu I-Mark Diesel: Still Clattering Away     Follow-Up   Paul N

1984 Isuzu Piazza: An Unmoving Encounter   Tatra87

1985-89 Isuzu I-Mark (AUS Holden RB Gemini): The Stars Didn’t Align   William Stopford

1986 Isuzu Trooper II: An Unfulfilled Desire   Paul N

1988 Isuzu I-Mark: Just Another Household Appliance   JP Cavanaugh

1988 Isuzu Impulse: A Thoroughbred That Stumbled Out Of The Gate   Eric703

1989 Isuzu Amigo: “Hey Hombre, We’ve Created A Monster”   Paul N

1991 Isuzu Rodeo: Passport To Success   Dave Skinner

1992 Isuzu Trooper: Really Really Big Horn   Perry Shoar

1996 Isuzu Oasis: A Full Serving Of Honda, But With None Of The Appeal!   JP Cavanaugh

1999-2001 Isuzu VehiCROSS: What’s In A Name?   Joseph Dennis

2003-08 Isuzu Ascender: Where Were You, Joe Isuzu?   William Stopford


Kia Besta Van: Like Your Turkey Extra Rare?   David Saunders

2002 Kia Optima: Anyone Fancy A Rambler?   Gerardo Solis

2004 Kia Amanti: Adding A Touch Of Kimchi To Your AARP   Brendan Saur


1989-91 Lexus ES 250: Lexus’ Learning Curve   William Stopford

1989-2014 Lexus ES: Lexus’ Greatest Hit Or Greatest Regret? (History)   Brendan Saur

1992 Lexus LS 400: With All Due Respect   Mr. Tactful

1992 Lexus LS 400: The Industry’s Greatest Hit Of The Last 50 Years?   Brendan Saur

1993 Lexus GS 300: Lexus Drives One Into The Sand Trap   Brendan Saur

1994 Lexus ES 300: A Drinkable Prosecco Among Pricier Champagnes   Brendan Saur

1997 Lexus SC 400: V8-Powered Coupes From Japan Are Indeed A Rare Breed   Brendan Saur

2000 Lexus RX 300: The First True CUV – “There, My Son, Is The Future Of The Car”   Paul N

2002-10 Lexus SC430: Personal Luxury Convertible   William Stopford

2005 Lexus RX 330: Rollin’ Like The Desperate Housewives (Driving Impression)   Brendan Saur

2015 Lexus NX 200t: It’s About Time Lexus (Driving Impression)   Brendan Saur


Mazda’s Amati Division: Is It Better To Have Loved And Lost, Or To Never Have Loved At All?   William Stopford

1962-64 Mazda 600: Carols, And It’s Not Even Christmas Yet   William Stopford

1965 Mazda T1500: Sumo Trike   Tatra87

1966-76 Mazda F800/F1000 Van: Expresso Bongo   Don Andreina

1968-76 Mazda Porter Van: “May I Take Your Luggage, Sir”   Jim Brophy

1972-77 Mazda RX-4 (Luce) Coupe:  Rising, Falling and Lying in Wait  Rich Baron

1973 Mazda 808 (aka: 818/Grand Familia/Mizer) (My CC)   David Saunders

1974 Mazda RX-4 Rotary Wagon: Still Spinning   David Saunders

1980s Mazda XV-1 (MJ-1) Pathfinder: Burma’s Only Claim To Automotive Fame   Tatra87

1981-87 Mazda 929: A Big Tent   William Stopford

1981 Mazda GLC/323: Truly The Greatest Little Car Of Its Time?   Paul N

1981 Mazda GLC/323 Wagon: Not Quite As Great   Paul N

1982-86 Mazda 626:  Deserving of Success   William Stopford

1983 Mazda GLC: The First Really Modern Mazda   David Saunders

1983 Mazda RX-7: Zinger   Paul N

1986-91 Mazda 929/Luce: Aren’t You Supposed To Dress For Success?   William Stopford

1988 Mazda 323: A Better Little (And Very Basic) Car   Ben Dinger

1988 Mazda RX-7: Middle Child Syndrome   Joe Latshaw

1989 Mazda MPV: A Flash In The Minivan Pan   Perry Shoar

1990 Mazda 929S: It’s As Big As A Cadillac!   Paul N

1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata: Nothing Complicated; But Done Properly   Roger Carr

1992 Mazda 929: The Ur-Millenia   Brendan Saur

1993 Mazda B-Series (UF) Proceed Marvie:  You Will Meet A Low Dark Stranger  Tatra87

1992 Mazda MX-3 GS: Smallest Production V6 Engine Ever?   Paul N

1993 ɛ̃fini MS-9: Mazda’s Catastrophic Clustermarque Cacophony  Tatra87

1996-97 Mazda 929: The Swan Becomes An Ugly Duckling   William Stopford

2000 Mazda Millenia S: Identity Crisis   Tom Klockau

2007-12 Mazda CX-7: How Hard Can It Be To Make A Crossover? (Part 1)   William Stopford


1964-86 Mitsubishi Debonair: Continental Lite   Jim Brophy

1973 Mitsubishi Colt Galant (A50) 16L GS: Preserved For Posterity   Tatra87

1974-78 Mitsubishi Colt T120/Delica:  A Missing Chapter? Rich Baron

1981 Mitsubishi Jeep J36: Six Doors And Three Wipers Ago…   Tatra87

1982 Mitsubishi Galant Sigma (A160) Super Saloon:  Even A Stopped Clock…  Tatra87

1982-85 Mitsubishi Cordia: The Last One Still On The Street?   Paul N

1983 Mitsubishi Starion: Or Is It Stallion? Did I Finally Solve The Mystery Of Its Name?   Paul N

1985-91 Mitsubishi Magna: Mitsubishi’s Taurus   William Stopford

1986-2002 Mitsubishi Express Van: The White, Boxy Cockroach   William Stopford

1989-91 Mitsubishi Magna Elite Wagon: A More-Than-Galant Effort   William Stopford

1989 Mitsubishi Montero: An Off-Roader In A Grocery-Getter World   Eric703

1990 Mitsubishi Debonair V 2000 – Desperately Seeking Relevance  Tatra 87

1991-99 Mitsubishi 3000GT (& Dodge Stealth): The King of Diamonds   William Stopford

1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse: A Victim Of Its Target Demographic   Paul N

1994 Mitsubishi Galant: Family Motoring, Brand-X Style   Perry Shoar

1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL: At Least It’s Not Red   Jim Grey

1995 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini VR-II: Little Car, Big Personality   Eric703

Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear 4×4 Van: It Checks All The Right Boxes Except One   Paul N

Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon Chamonix 4 Wheel Drive GLX Turbo Diesel: World’s Longest Car Name For The World’s Most Versatile Van?   Paul N

1999-2005 Mitsubishi Pajero iO: Little Moon Rover   William Stopford

2000-01 Mitsubishi Proudia: It Came Before A Fall   Tatra87

2012 Mitsubishi Galant: Grade C- (Rental Review)   R Henry


1993-2002 Mitsuoka Viewt (K11): Jaguar Mock One  Tatra87

1999 Mitsuoka Galue I:  Who Do You Think You R-R?  Tatra87

2003 Mitsuoka Ryoga: Mid-Range Madness   Tatra87

2005-16 Mitsuoka Viewt: The Japanese Retro Trial (2nd Witness)   Tatra87

2007 Mitsuoka Galue MkIII: Bentley/Cadillac Tribute Band Goes Off Key   Tatra87

2008 Mitsuoka Orochi: Kill It Before It Spreads   Tatra87

2013 Mitsuoka Galue III Limousine: A Darker Shade Of Weird   Tatra87


Nissan Cedric: When The Pupil Becomes A Master (History)   Don Andreina

Nissan Cherry Vanette C120 – The Good, Non-Fiery Version  Rich Baron

1958 Datsun 1000 (210): Sublime Sexagenarian   Tatra87

1962 Datsun Bluebird (P312) 1200 Deluxe: Still Looking Chirpy   Tatra87

1963 Datsun 312 Bluebird   JunkHarvester

1963 Datsun Fairlady 1500 (SP310):  The High Of The Beholder  Tatra87

1965 Nissan Cedric Wagon   Don Andreina

1966 Nissan Cedric (130) Deluxe: Why Are The Pretty Ones Always So Stupidly Named?   Tatra87

1967 Datsun Sports 1600 (SPL311): My Fairlady’s MGB   Paul N

1968 Datsun Bluebird (510) SSS: Sweet-Spot Saloon   Tatra87

1969 Datsun 510 (Bluebird/1600): How To Fly   Paul N

1971 Datsun 240C (Cedric/Gloria): Japanese American Luxury Rich Baron

1971 Datsun 240Z: Revolutions Don’t Come Often   Paul N

1971 Nissan Gloria (230) GL Saloon: Who Do We Think You Are?  Tatra87

1972 Datsun 180B: CC For Sale: Orange You Glad I Stopped?   William Stopford

1972 Datsun 1200: Two Door Sedan, Size XS   Paul N

1972 Datsun 1200 (Sunny) Coupe: The Yang To The 1972 Cadillac’s Yin   Paul N

1972 Nissan Skyline (C10) 2000GT: Princely Presence  Tatra87

1973-77 Datsun 120Y/B210/Sunny: Reliable. Well-Built. Ugly.   William Stopford

1973-77 Datsun 160J (Violet):  “Gotta Get Me A Sport Ute!  Rich Baron

1973-78 Datsun B210: Bit•O•Honey   Paul N

1974 Datsun 610: Datsun Takes A Bold New Direction:Down   Paul N

1974 Datsun 710 Wagon: Third Time’s The Charm; Or Not   Paul N

1975 Datsun 120Y (B-210) Saloon: Success Comes In Many Forms, Not All Of Them Pretty   Tatra87

1975 Nissan Laurel (C130) SGX Coupé:  Hog Bottom Is Top Dog  Tatra87

1976 Nissan Skyline (C110) 2000 GT-X Coupé – Kenmari’s Botox Overdose  Tatra87

1977 Datsun 200-SX (Nissan Silvia S10): The Many Faces Of Silvia   Paul N

1977 Datsun 200-SX (Nissan Silvia S10): Not All Shots Hit The Target   Eric703

1977 Datsun F-10: It Got An F In Beauty School   Paul N

1977 Datsun F10 Sportwagon: Ugly? No, It’s Cute!  Paul N

1978 Nissan 330 Cedric Hardtop Sedan Brougham: Spirit of ’67   Don Andreina

1978 Nissan Bluebird (811) 1800: Pilloried Sedan   Tatra87

1979-82 Datsun 310 (Nissan Pulsar/Cherry): Datsun Town, USA   Paul N

1979 Datsun 510: Revived In Name If Not in Spirit   David Saunders

1980 Datsun 210: The Humble But Well-Travelled Datsun 210   David Saunders

1980 Datsun 210 Sunny Wagon: The Curbside Classic Manifesto   Paul N

1970-82 Nissan Junior:  Coffee Picking Season Rich Baron

1981 Nissan Gloria (430) SDL Turbo Hardtop: Madam Gloria Will See You Now   Tatra87

1981 Datsun Pulsar (N10) TL: Not Exactly Star Material   Tatra87

1982 Datsun Maxima (810): If You Can’t Afford A BMW   Paul N

1982 Datsun Maxima Diesel Wagon (810): Bitching Betty   Paul N

1982 Nissan Laurel Givenchy Edition: It Has A Continental Connection   Jim Brophy

1982 Nissan Stanza: Queen Dork   Perry Shoar

1982-86 Nissan Stanza: Well-Versed   William Stopford

1982 Nissan Sunny (B11) 1.5 SGL: Immobile, But Halfway Decent   Tatra87

1983 Datsun 280ZX: The Cutlass Supreme Brougham Z?   Tom Klockau

1983 Datsun Maxima (810) Wagon: Maximum Mobility   Perry Shoar

1983 Nissan Pulsar Five Door: So Rare I Forgot It Existed   Paul N

1983-86 Nissan Pulsar NX: Staying Sharp In The Eighties   Mike Butts

1983 Nissan Skyline (DR30) RS-Turbo Coupé: Straight Out Of Central Casting   Tatra87

1984 Nissan 200 SX Turbo: Unused, Unloved, Unlocked   Perry Shoar

1984-86 Nissan Gazelle 2.0 SGL Coupe: Entering The Lion’s Den   William Stopford

1985 Nissan 300 ZX Turbo: Your Midlife Crisis Treatment Starts Here   Eric703

1985 Nissan Cherry Europe GTi: The Worst Of Both Worlds   Roger Carr

1985 Nissan Sentra (B11): A Fish Out Of Rodeo Drive   Paul N

1986 Nissan Cedric (Y30) V-30 E Brougham: The C-Word Saloon   Tatra87

1986-90 Nissan Pintara/Skyline: The Boxes Enter The Ring   William Stopford

1986 Nissan Stanza Wagon (Prairie/Multi): The First Modern Mini-Van   Paul N

1987 Nissan Laurel (C32) Saloon Grand Extra:  Worshipping The Ruler  Tatra87

1987 Nissan Maxima (PU11) V6 Turbo Hardtop Legran:  The One That Missed The Boat  Tatra87

1987 Nissan Van: How Did This Turkey Avoid The Crusher (Or Oven)?   Paul N

1988 Nissan 300 ZX: The Z Tosses Its Leisure Suit   Tom Klockau

1988 Nissan Gloria Cima (FPY31) Type II Limited: An Infinitely Better Version Of The Infiniti Beta Version   Tatra87

1988 Nissan Skyline (R31) GTS Turbo Hardtop: At Least, It’s Not A Pintara   Tatra87

1989 Nissan 240SX (Silvia/SX): Who’s The Prettiest Silvia Of Them All? (History)   Paul N

1989 Nissan Micra: Good Autoshite (My CC)   David Saunders

1989 Nissan Pao: Retro Done Right   Paul N

1989 Nissan Pulsar NX XE: Beautiful Shapeshifter  Joseph Dennis

1989 Nissan Silvia (S13) K’s: Peak Silvia   Tatra87

1989 Nissan Terrano (WD21):  The Path Less Found  Tatra87

1990 Nissan Axxess (Prairie): Access Granted For One Year Only   Paul N

1990 Nissan Gloria (Y31) Gran Turismo SV: In Excelsis Deo   Tatra87

1990 Nissan Maxima GXE: The Four-Door Sports Car?   Brendan Saur

1990 Nissan S Cargo: The Ugliest Car Ever Made? More Like One Of The Cutest   Paul N

1991 Nissan Cedric (Y30) SGL Wagon:  Just Can’t Get Enough  Tatra87

1991 Nissan Figaro: More Anime Than Animal   David Saunders

1991 Nissan Micra (K10): Beating The Europeans At Their Own Game   Tatra87

1991-95 Nissan NX: Not That Hard A Pill To Swallow   William Stopford

1991-95 Nissan Pulsar (AUS): Leader of the Pack   William Stopford

1991-2017 Nissan Tsuru (Mexico): Hasta Luego, Muchacho   William Stopford

1992 Nissan NX 2000: The Poor Man’s 300 ZX   Brendan Saur

1993 Nissan NX 1600: Yokohoma Goes Organic   Perry Shoar

1993-2002 Nissan Quest (& Mercury Villager): Official Car of Washington Heights   William Stopford

1994 Nissan 300ZX Convertible: Out of Touch, Out of Time   Perry Shoar

1995 Nissan Gloria (Y30) Wagon: Nissanosaurus Rex   Tatra87

1996 Nissan Cedric (Y31) Brougham L:  Just A Little More Tatra87

1997 Nissan 200SX SE: Have We Met?   Mr. Tactful

1997 Nissan Skyline (R33) GTS: Fat And Spurious   Tatra87

1998 Nissan R’nessa – Rock Bottom Wagon With A High Floor  Tatra87

1998 Nissan Skyline (R34) 25GT-t:  End Of The (Sky)Line  Tatra87

1999 Nissan Altima: Call It A Product Of The Lost Decade   Brendan Saur

1999 Nissan President (PHG50) Sovereign: Losing The Battle   Tatra87

1999 Nissan Stagea RS Four: One Unicorn Just Won’t Do   Tatra87

2002 Nissan Y31 Cedric Brougham: So Square It’s Hip   Tatra87

2006 Nissan Tiida (Versa): Meeting All The Requirements Of A Hire Car (Rental Review)   Roger Carr


1968 Prince Skyline (S57) 1500 Deluxe: Positively Charming   Tatra87



2003-10 Proton Jumbuck: Simple, Honest, Little Car-Truck   William Stopford


1997 SsangYong “Benz” Musso: Ssurely You Can’t Be SseriousS   Tatra87

2005-08 SsangYong Chairman: (Photo) Capturing My White Whale   William Stopford


1968 Subaru 360: It All Started With This Little Wart   Paul N

1968 Subaru 360: Can I Even Fit In It? (Driving Impression)   Paul N

1968 Subaru 360 Deluxe – The Legend Of The Ladybird  Tatra87

1968 Subaru 360 Sambar Van: The First Kei Truck   Paul N

1977 Subaru Leone: The Revolutionary Four Wheel Drive Wagon That Started The Subaru Legacy   Paul N

1978 Subaru BRAT: Subie Doo   Paul N

1979 Subaru Leone 4WD Wagon:  The Prodigal Subie Returns  Tatra87

1982 Subaru BRAT: The Young Man’s Choice Of Pickup In Those Terrible Times   Paul N

1983 Subaru DL Wagon: Apply Memories Of Grandad Here   Yohai71

1984-94 Subaru DL/GL/Loyale: Loyale With Cheese   Ian A Williams

1984 Subaru GL Hardtop Coupe: A Requiem For The Affordable Hardtop   Paul N

1985-90 Subaru XT (Vortex): The Brightest Star In The Constellation   William Stopford

1985 Subaru XT: Forward To The Future In 1985   Saabaru

1988 Subaru Justy 4WD: The Mother Earth Newsmobile   Paul N

1988-91 Subaru XT6: Outcast In The Specialty Coupe Class  Perry Shoar

1989 Subaru Justy: Extra Justification   David Saunders

1990-94 Subaru Legacy: The First Generation   Ian A Williams

1992 Subaru SVX: A Price Point Too Far   Ian A Williams

1992-97 Subaru SVX: A Tasty Surprise   William Stopford

1995 Subaru Vivio Bistro: Boxing Day Find   David Saunders

2000 Subaru Forester: The True Cost Of Ownership, So Far   Paul N

2003-06 Subaru Baja: The Brat Grew Up   William Stopford


1985-88 Suzuki Mighty Boy: The Name Says It All   William Stopford

1986 Suzuki Carry KC 4WD: The Kei-sons Go Rolling Along   Paul N

1988 Suzuki Samurai: If I Just Save All My Money…   Joseph Dennis

1989 Suzuki Swift GT   David Saunders

1991-97 Suzuki Cappuccino: Hot Frothy Little Thing   William Stopford

1995-2002 Suzuki Esteem/Baleno: Too Dull To Inspire A Clever Title   William Stopford

1996 Suzuki X-90: Barbie Would Drive One Of These   Jeff Nelson

1996-98 Suzuki X-90: Ahead Of Its Time?   William Stopford

2009-16 Suzuki Kizashi: Something Great Came And Went   William Stopford


2002 Takeoka Abbey Carrot: Spirit Of Egg-Stacy   Tatra87


1962-67 Toyota Crown: The Generation Gap   Don Andreina

1963 Toyopet Corona 1500 Deluxe (T20): Strike Two   Tatra87

1965-69 Toyota Corona: It All Started Here   Paul N

1965 Toyota FJ Land Cruiser: The First Toyota Sent Out To Conquer The World   Paul N

1965 Toyota Sports 800: What If We Make A Sports Car?   Gerardo Solis

1968 Toyota 1600GT-5: Corona Con Tequila   Tatra87

1969 Corolla Wagon (E10): Home Away…From No Home   Paul N

1969 Toyota Corolla (E10) Deluxe Wagon: Little Car With A Big Future   Tatra87

1970 Toyota Corona Mark II: Stodgy, Thy Name Is Toyota   Dave Skinner

1971 Toyota Corolla: 1971 Small Car Comparison #3   Paul N

1971 Toyota Corona Mark II: Some Things Never Change   Paul N

1971-74 Toyota Crown (S60/S70): Thunderwhale   Don Andreina

1971-74 Toyota Crown (S60): Striking Is The Head That Wears The Crown   William Stopford

1972-78 Toyota 1000 (Publica P30): Going In Circles  Rich Baron

1972 Toyota Corona Coupe: Fortieth High School Reunion   Paul N

1973 Toyota Carina: My CC Holy Grail   Dave Skinner

1973-74 Toyota Corolla: Appearances are Deceiving  Rich Baron

1974 Toyota Corona Station Wagon:  Giving Some Love To The Little Hauler  Rich Baron

1974 Toyota Celica: Betting On The Wrong Pony   Paul N

1974 Toyota Corona Mark II (X10): Moving Up, or Down?   Paul N

1976 Toyota Celica GT Notchback: Hang In There, Baby   Joseph Dennis

1976 Toyota Corolla Liftback: The Very First Of Many   Paul N

1976-79 Toyota Corolla Liftback: A Time Machine   Dave Skinner

1976-2004 Toyota Kijang: Brand Evolution (History)   Gerardo Solis

1978 Toyota Corona: Baseball, Apple Pie And A Corona   Paul N

1978 Toyota Cressida Wagon: I Love What You Do For Me, Mini-Cordoba Wagon   Tom Klockau

1978 Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ56): Mama Mia!   Tatra87

1979 Toyota Celica Supra: “Plush, Lush; The Powerful Pleasure” Or The Lexus Of Celicas   Paul N

1979-81 Toyota Celica Sunchaser: The First Celica Convertible?   Dave Skinner

1979 Toyota Chaser SXL Hardtop Coupé (X40): Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It’s Superfluous!   Tatra87

1979 Toyota Corona: When RWD Still Ruled   Matt Spencer

1979-83 Toyota Corona Wagon (T130): Mint Mediocrity   William Stopford

1979-82 Toyota Tercel: Toyota Nails Another One   Paul N

1980 Toyota Celica GT – From Zero To America’s Favorite In Under Ten Years   Eric703

1980-83 Toyota Corolla: The Datsun 510 Doppelganger   David Saunders

1980 Toyota Crown Super Saloon (S110) Hardtop: Forecourt Queen   Tatra87

1980 Toyota TownAce Wagon Super Extra: All You Need Is Loaf   Tatra87

1981 Toyota Corolla 3-Door Wagon: Too Beige, Or Not Too Beige?   Tatra87

1981 Toyota Corolla SR-5: So, Do You Want It Now Or After Breakfast?   Jason Shafer

1981 Toyota Corolla Wagon: It Could Have Been My Previous Car   Paul N

1981 Toyota Starlet: The Last Of The Littlest RWD Toyotas   Paul N

1982-85 Toyota Celica Coupe And Liftback: Rice-fed Mustangs   Paul N

1982 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Convertible (Matrix 3): The Fanciest Corolla, Ever   Joseph Dennis

1983 Toyota Carina (A60) ST: Folding To The Origami  Tatra87

1983-87 Toyota Corona: The Sun Sets On The RWD, Japanese Intermediate   William Stopford

1983 Toyota Corona (T140) 1600 GT Hardtop Coupe: JDM = Just Drink More   Tatra87

1984 Toyota 4Runner: Beginning Of A Long Line; End Of The Solid Front Axle   Paul N

1984 Toyota Corolla Diesel: Latecomer To The Diesel Party   Paul N

1985 Toyota Celica Supra: The One I Should Have Bought   Paul N

1994 Toyota Crown (S140) Royal Touring:  You Can’t Win ‘Em All  Tatra87

1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S: The Legendary AE86   Paul N

1985 Toyota Cressida: The Proto Lexus   Jeff Nelson

1985 Toyota Tercel Wagon: Built For The Really Long Haul   Paul N

1985 Toyota Vista (V10) 1.8 Ci VF : Hasta La… Camry?  Tatra87

1986 Toyota Camry: Toyota Builds A Better Citation; Forever   Paul N

1986 Toyota Cressida (& 1990): The Ur-Lexus Or The Un-Lexus?   Brendan Saur

1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon: The Timeless Toyota ‘B-Body’ Wagon   Paul N

1986 Toyota Mark II Hardtop (X70) Grande Twin Cam 24:  Over On CC Street  Tatra87

1986 Toyota MR2: They Call Me MISTER Two!   Tom Klockau

1986-92 Toyota Supra: Chasing Elusive Ponies   Paul N

1987 Toyota Corolla FX16: When Corollas Still Induced Lust, Not Sleep   Paul N

1987 Toyota Cresta GT Twin Turbo (GX71): The Faux Hardtop That’s Hard To Top   Tatra87

1987 Toyota Supra: Somebody Still Wants You   Paul N

1988 Toyota Celica GT: Oh What A Feeling!   Brendan Saur

1988 Toyota Corolla FX: Not Even Broken In Yet   Jim Grey

1988 Toyota Crown (S130) Deluxe: The Hairshirt Special   Tatra87

1988 Toyota Land Cruiser: Keeping The Faith   Perry Shoar

1989 Toyota Crown Super Deluxe: Conservatism On Four Wheels   Tatra87

1989-97 Toyota Lexcen: A Different Kind Of Toyota: Not A Toyota   William Stopford

1989 Toyota MR2 SC: That’s Mr Two To You   Ed Stembridge

1989 Toyota MR2 (AW11) Twin Cam 16 G-Limited:  Stepping Back From The Wedge  Tatra87

1990 Toyota Camry LE V6: Dripping With Fat (Driving Impression)   Paul N

1990 Toyota Chaser (X80) Avante Lordly Twin Cam 24: Praise The Lordly  Tatra87

1990 Toyota Crown (S130) Royal Saloon 3.0 Hardtop: Peak Crown  Tatra87

1990 Toyota Sera: The Future’s Not Ours To See   Tatra87

1991 Toyota Camry: An Existential Cigarette Killer Found Only At Wal-Mart   Jason Shafer

1991 Toyota Camry All-Trac: A Brief Four-By-Foray   William Stopford

1991 Toyota Camry (V30) 2.0 ZX: Alternate Normality Tatra87

1991 Toyota Century VG40 Limousine: Just Short Of Pretentious   Tatra87

1991-99 Toyota Corolla E100: Saito’s Mini-Lexus   Gerardo Solis

1991 Toyota Corolla (E90) 1.5 SE Limited: White Rice Deluxe   Tatra87

1991 Toyota Cresta (X80) Super Lucent Exceed:  Lucentfully Crestfallen, Yet Superbly Excessive  Tatra87

1991-97 Toyota Previa/Tarago: The First And Final Frontier For The Space Pod   William Stopford

1992-96 Toyota Camry: The Greatest Camry Of All Time?   Richard Bennett

1992 Toyota Corolla: The Almost Free, Almost Perfect Beater   Paul N

1992-98 Corolla Ceres/Sprinter Marino: The Sexiest And Most Limited-Availability Corolla   Brendan Saur

1992 Toyota MR2: A Camry In Italian Drag   Paul N

1992 Toyota Sera: Wings Don’t Make It Fly   David Saunders

1993 Toyota Crown Majesta V8 (S140): Try, Try Again   Tatra87

1994 Toyota Camry LE: The Benchmark For Being Beige   Brendan Saur

1994-2000 Toyota RAV4: Light Trail Blazer   William Stopford

1995 Toyota Camry DX Coupe: A Unicorn Of Camrys   Brendan Saur

1995-2016 Toyota Crown Comfort: Japan’s Crown Victoria   Robert Kim

1995 Toyota Previa DX: How Do You Take Your Eggs?   Brendan Saur

1995 Toyota Tercel: Last Of The Mohicans   Perry Shoar

1996 Toyota Classic: Peak Retro (History)   Gerardo Solis

1996 Toyota Classic: The Japanese Retro Trial (3rd Witness)   Tatra87

1996-99 Toyota Starlet: It’s a Car!!   Gerardo Solis

1997 Toyota Camry (& 1998 Honda Accord): Two Very Different Paths   Brendan Saur

1997 Toyota Celica GT: The Beginning Of The End   Brendan Saur

1997 Toyota Land Cruiser: Conquering The Serengeti Or The Parking Lot At Bloomingdale’s   Brendan Saur

1997 Toyota Mark II (X70) Van: The Emperor’s Old Clothes   Tatra87

1997 Toyota Paseo Convertible: Quiero dar un paseo, pero no quiero comprar este coche.   Aaron65

1998 Toyota RAV4 Two-Door: The First Modern CUV, And Electric One Too   Paul N

1999-2007 Toyota Crown (S170) Estate: Japan’s Last Luxury Wagon   Tatra87

1999 Toyota Progrès NC 250: Bland On The Run   Tatra87

2000-06 Toyota Celica: Ending On A High Note   William Stopford

2000 Toyota Origin: Peak Retro (History)   Gerardo Solis

2001 Toyota Crown Majesta: The People’s Century   Gerardo Solis

2001 Toyota Origin: The Baby Century   Tatra87

2001 Toyota WiLL Vi: The Reverse Of Cant   Tatra87

2002 Toyota Crown Comfort Super Deluxe G: Time For A Change   Tatra87

2002 Toyota Prius: Toyota’s Big Hybrid Gamble Pays Off   Paul N

2002 Toyota Verossa (X110) V25: The Lamest Duck  Tatra87

2003-06 Toyota Avanza: What Is That? A RWD Compact Wagon/MPV? Who Would Have Thought?   Paul N

2003 Toyota Echo: The Yaris Gets Hit With The Ugly Stick   Paul N

2004 Toyota Camry: I’ve Got A Symbol In My Driveway   Edward Snitkoff

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser: Colonel Mustard (Driving Impression)   Brendan Saur

2013 Toyota Century: The Ultimate Brougham Time Machine   MCC.PJ


Japanese 60’s Cornucopia   Jim Brophy