Curbside Classic Archive: UK Brands

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The Surprisingly Long Story Of AC   Tatra87

1986 AC 3000ME: Optimism, With A V6   Roger Carr


1958-67 Alvis TD/TE/TF 21: British Deadly Sins   Tatra87

Armstrong Siddeley

1954-58 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346: Peak Siddeley?   JohnH875

1956-58 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 234 / 236: A British Deadly Sin   Tatra87

1958-60 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire   Aaron65

Aston Martin

1934 Aston Martin Ulster: Ultra Rare Classics Need Gas Too   David Saunders

2011-13 Aston Martin Cygnet: No, Mister Bond, I Expect You To Downsize   Imperialist


1939 Austin 16: The Tough Austin   KiwiBryce

1947-54 Austin A125 Sheerline Saloon: Neglected British Luxury   David Saunders

1951 Austin A40 Devon: The Best-Selling Import Of Its Time   Paul N

1952-54 Austin A40 Somerset: Short, Chubby And Irresistible   David Saunders

1959 Austin A95 Westminster: Keep It Simple; Make It Complicated But Ultimately Sinful  Roger Carr

1960 Austin Seven (Mini): The Future Started Here   Roger Carr

1962 Austin A110 Westminster: Junior Jaguar Or English Fintail?   Tom Klockau

1964-68 Vanden Plas Princess 4-Litre R: International Brougham?   Perry Shoar

1964-93 Austin Mini Moke: The Mini Thing   Robert Kim

1968 Austin 1800 (ADO17) “Landcrab”: Was It Best In Class, Or Just Plain Ugly?   Roger Carr

1968-72 Austin 1800 Utility: Unique Ute   William Stopford

1968-72 Austin America: Yankee Doodle Disaster   Jeff Nelson

1969 Austin 3 Litre Deluxe: The Landcrab Trilogy Is Complete   Roger Carr

1971 Austin Mini: Yesterday’s Mini; Today’s Micro   Paul N

1972 Austin FX4 London Taxi: 6th And Charnelton In Eugene, Please; Via Serbia   Paul N

1972 Austin Maxi 1500: BMC’s Biggest Missed Opportunity?   Roger Carr

1975 Austin Allegro: Another BLMC Deadly Sin   Roger Carr

1986 Austin Montego Mayfair: Coming Too Late To The Party   Roger Carr


1954 Austin-Healey 100: On Her Majesty’s Sporting Service   Tatra87

1958-61 Austin-Healey Mark I Sprite: A Sports Car For The Masses   Ed Stembridge

1960 Austin-Healey 3000: The Most Classic British Roadster?   Roger Carr


1987 Bentley Mulsanne Turbo R: In Case A Rolls-Royce Is Too Common For You   Roger Carr


Bristol 603 / Britannia / Blenheim: Arrested Development (History)   Tatra87

1953 Bristol 401:  Grey Eminence  Tatra87

1972 Bristol 411: The Last Great British Eccentric (& Bristol History)   Roger Carr

1960 Bristol 406 – Blue Moon Rising  Tatra87


1951-56 “Docker Daimlers”: British Deadly Sins   Tatra87

1961 Daimler SP250: The Queen’s Sports Car   LongRoofFan

1962 Daimler SP250: Fish Mouth   Roger Carr

1968-92 Daimler DS420 Limousine: Forgotten Lesser Royalty   Robert Kim

1980 Daimler Double Six: This Was The Best Car In The World   Roger Carr

1989 Daimler Six (XJ40): Dead Cat Bounce   Tatra87


1949 Ford Pilot V8 (& 1961 Consul): A Little Bit Of Dearborn, From Dagenham   Roger Carr

1953 Ford Consul:  The English Immigrant  Jason Safer

1955 Ford Zephyr Mark 1: Ford Builds The Chevrolet Cadet   David Saunders

1956 Ford Squire: For A Man With A Load On His Mind   Paul N

1963 Ford Cortina Mk1: Ford Takes On BMC, And Wins  Roger Carr

1968-80 Ford Escort Mk 1 and Mk 2: Keeping It Simple, And Profitable  Roger Carr

1969 Ford Capri: The European Mustang Ford Always Promised Itself   Roger Carr

1975 Ford Cortina 1600XL: The Swiss Army Knife Car   Roger Carr


1966-69 Gilbern Genie: The Welsh Grand Tourer  David Saunders


1964-67 Gordon-Keeble: A British Deadly Sin   Tatra87


1963-76 Sunbeam (Hillman) Imp: The British Corvair   Paul N

1966 Hillman Super Minx: Rooting For Rootes   Roger Carr

1967 Hillman Minx: Britain’s Second Longest Lived Nameplate Reaches Its Peak   Roger Carr


1975 Humber Sceptre Estate: The Ultimate Arrow Is The Forgotten One   Roger Carr


1946-49 Invicta Black Prince: A Blue-Blooded British Deadly Sin   Tatra87


Jaguar And Sir William Lyons: One Man’s Passion For Gracefulness, Beauty And Speed (History)   Roger Carr

1950-54 Jaguar XK-120: Rare Sighting In The Wild   Robert Kim

1954-56 Jaguar MkVIIM: Prima Ballerina   Don Andreina

1959-61 Jaguar Mark IX: An Englishman Abroad   GGHo6

1960 Jaguar XK-150S: Treasures Are Meant To Be Shared (And Driven)   Jason Shafer

1961-70 Jaguar Mark X: Curvaceous Coventrian   Perry Shoar

1965 Jaguar 3.4S (S-Type): Sir William’s Bastard Child   Tatra87

1965 Jaguar Mark X: Paying Respect To Madame X   Tatra87

1967 Jaguar 420: The Big Cat’s Best-Kept Secret   Tatra87

1969-72 Jaguar XK-E Series II: The Stuff Of Dreams, The Source Of Nightmares   Dave Skinner

1973 Jaguar XJ12: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun   Paul N

1974 Jaguar XJ12L: The White Whale!   Tom Klockau

1976 Jaguar XJC6: A Rare (And Splendid) Curbside Appearance   Paul N

1979 Jaguar XJ6 Series III: Pininfarina Redux   Tom Klockau

1984 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas: The Cat That Saved Jaguar   Eric703

1986-94 Jaguar XJ6 (XJ40): Beauty Is A Beast   William Stopford

1995 Jaguar XJS Convertible: T-Bird Substitute   Tom Klockau

2000 Jaguar S-Type: The Big Cat Takes A Leap   Brendan Saur

2001-09 Jaguar X-Type: X-Typecast   William Stopford

2004 Jaguar XJ6: So Long Classy Chariot   Gerardo Solis


1966-76 Jensen Interceptor: The Handsome Anglo-Italo-American Mashup   David Saunders

1972-76 Jensen Healey: Care To Take It For A Really Long Test Drive?   David Saunders


1947-53 Jowett Javelin & 1950-54 Jupiter: British Deadly Sins   Tatra87


1962-64 Lagonda Rapide: A British Deadly Sin   Tatra87


1934 Lanchester 18 Mulliner 6 Light Saloon: Remembering Dr Fred   Roger Carr


1972 Lotus Europa S3 Twin Cam: Magnificence In Miniature   Roger Carr

1974 Lotus Europa Special: The Sports Hearse Strikes Again   Tatra87

1977 Lotus Esprit S1: Giorgetto Guigiaro Takes Up Origami   Paul N

2007 Lotus Europa S: Who Wants To Grow Up?   Roger Carr


The MG Sporting Saloons (History):     Part 1     Part 2   David Saunders

1950 MG TD: I Was Retro Before Retro Was Cool   Paul N

1958 MGA: The Almost Great Leap Forward   Paul N

1959 MGA 1500 Le Mans Replica: The OMG Factor   Tatra87

1965 MG 1100 (ADO16): BMC’s Greatest Hit   Roger Carr

1967 MGB: To B Or Not To B   Paul N

1968 MGC GT: Woulda’ Shoulda’ Coulda’ Had The Rover V8   Paul N

1972 MGB GT: Early Adopter   Tom Klockau

1972 MG Midget MkIII: Small Pleasures   Paul N

1976 MG Midget: Always Simple, And Surprisingly Durable   Roger Carr

1978 MGB: Determined To Survive   Eric703

1984 MG Maestro 1600: When Being Better Than Before Is Not Good Enough   Roger Carr

1993 MG R V8: The Ultimate Classic MG?   David Saunders

2002 MG ZS120: Lessons Are Not Always Learnt   Roger Carr

2004 MG X Power SV: Not Exactly What Was Required   Roger Carr

2005 MGR CityRover Select: Too Little, Too Late   Roger Carr


2018 MINI Countryman Cooper 2.0D Automatic: If You Scratch The Surface, There’s A Capable Car   Roger Carr


1936 Morgan 4/4: Trying To Understand The Enigma (Morgan History)   Roger Carr


William Morris:  One Man’s Lasting Influence On The British Industry And Country  Roger Carr

1955 Morris Minor Series II: Britain’s Favourite Car, Bar None, And Rightly So   Roger Carr

1955 Morris Oxford Series II Traveller: From Cowley To Kolkatta, In 60 Years   Roger Carr

1966 Vanden Plas Princess 1100: Peak Issigonis, With Added Contradictions  Roger Carr

1973 Morris Marina Coupe 1.8TC: Is This The Best We Can Do?   Roger Carr

1980 Morris Marina Van: Almost Big Enough To Carry A Piano   Scott McPherson


1968 Quasar Unipower: The Car To Be Seen In, Preferably When Wearing A Mini Skirt   Paul N


1975-82 Reliant Kitten: The Discreet Charm Of The Toiling Masses – A British Deadly Sin   Tatra87

1975 Reliant Kitten: Out Of The Blue   Bernard Taylor

1978 Reliant Scimitar GTE: Princess Anne Had One, You Know. And Another, And Another…   Roger Carr


1966 Riley Elf Mk III: When Is A Mini Not A Mini?   MarcKyle64

1969 Riley 1300 Mk II: Once, One Car In Seven Was Like This   Roger Carr


1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental DHC by Carlton Carriage: Seeing Ghosts  Tatra87

1955 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Series 1: No Wonder The ’65 Ford Claimed To Be Quieter Than A Rolls-Royce   Paul N

Rolls-Royce Camargue: Two Out Of Three Camargues   Don Andreina

1980 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II:  Not To The Manor Born  Jon Stepenson

1981 Rolls-Royce Camargue: Much Ado About Nothing?   JohnH875

1982 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible: The Crème de la Crème   Mike Butts

1983 Rolls-Royce Camargue: Turin’s Titanic Tailoring Tragedy  Tatra87

1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit: Delivered By The Wind   Dave Skinner

1996 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur:  Peasant-Crushing, Minus The Excitement  Tatra87

2012-17 Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Extended Wheelbase: The Return Of HMS Phantom   Tatra87

Rover / Range Rover / Land Rover

1948-58 Land Rover Series 1: After 67 Years, The Night Watchman Comes Back To The Pavilion   Roger Carr

1963 Rover 95 (P4):  How One Car Defined A Brand  Roger Carr

1969 Rover 2000TC: Very Advanced (But Mostly Forgotten)   David Saunders

1970 Rover 3500S V8 (P6): “Sell It Now? I’d Rather Cremate It And Have It Interred With Me”   Paul N

1971 Land Rover Series III: Need To Go Anywhere? No Problem!   Tom Klockau

1977 Range Rover: Success At Face Value   Don Andreina

1979 Land Rover LWB Station Wagon: Not Stranded In The Jungle   Tatra87

1980 Rover 3500 (SD1): Rover Over Here, Again   Eric703

1985 Rover 3500 (SD1): The Best Of British; The Worst Of British   Roger Carr

1989 Rover 216 EFi Vanden Plas: Taking A Step Upmarket   Roger Carr

1992 Rover 214GSi: Thanks To Honda, Rover Finally Finds True Success   Roger Carr

1993 Range Rover Classic Vogue: Before The Gold Rush   James Pembroke Tenneson

1993-96 Rover 600: What Price Chrome and Wood?   William Stopford

1993 Rover Metro GTi 16v : A British Car To Beat The World?   Roger Carr

1996 Rover 800: Less Than The Sum Of Its Parts   Roger Carr

1999 Rover 216: The Beginning Of The End   Roger Carr

2003-2012 “L322” Range Rover:  New Heights & Horizons  Kyree Rollerson

2004 Rover 75 2.5 V6: High Expectations Of Drinking In the Last Chance Saloon   Roger Carr

2008 Land Rover LR3: My Re-Discovery Of SUV Empowerment (Driving Impression)   Brendan Saur


1964 Singer Gazelle: A Once Proud Brand Ends Up As A Tarted-Up Mix   James Pembroke Tenneson


Standard: Raising The White Flag For Britain’s Car Industry – A British Deadly Sin   Tatra87

1955 Standard Vanguard Phase III: Resting After A Good Cypriot Lunch   Big Paws

1962 Standard Vanguard Vignale: The Rarest CC Find Yet?   David Saunders


1987 Sterling 825 SL: Turkey In The Grass   Paul N

1987 Sterling 827 SL: A Living Legend   Brendan Saur


1953-55 Sunbeam Alpine: First Dibs   Don Andreina

1955 Sunbeam Mk3 Convertible: Yearning For A Lost Age   Roger Carr

1964 Sunbeam Rapier Series IV: A Saucier Minx   Tom Klockau

1964-67 Sunbeam Tiger: The Other Cobra   Paul N

1965 Sunbeam Alpine (& Tiger): Britain’s Forgotten Roadster Shows Its Claws, And Some Muscle Too   Roger Carr

1968 Sunbeam Alpine GT: The British Barracuda   Paul N

1970 Sunbeam Arrow: With Stereotype-Defying 325,000 Miles   David Saunders

1973 Sunbeam Rapier H120: The Car I Wanted My Dad To Want   Roger Carr


1980 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus: All The Right Ingredients   Roger Carr


1948 Triumph 1800 Roadster: The World’s Smallest Dual-Cowl Phaeton?   Paul N

1949 Triumph Mayflower: Your Thanksgiving Turkey   Mike Butts

1959 Triumph TR3A: My Favorite ’50’s Sportscar   LongRoofFan

1962 Triumph Herald: A Tempest In A Teapot    Paul N

1962-64 Triumph Spitfire Mk1: One Of The Cars I’ll Probably Never Own   Aaron65

1966 Triumph Herald: The First Aspirational Compact   Roger Carr

1967 Triumph TR4A IRS: Stereotype Defying Tractor-Engined IRS Daily Driver   Paul N

1974 Triumph Toledo: The Only Car Ever To Be Switched From FWD To RWD?   Tom Klockau

1974 Triumph TR6: Pray For Clouds In Punxutawney   Mr. Tactful

1975 Triumph Stag: A Handsome Failure   Tom Klockau

1975 Triumph TR6: Last Call For Old School Pleasures   Paul N

1976 Triumph Stag: What If Public Appeal Was The Only Criterion For Success?   Roger Carr

1976-81 Triumph TR7: America Gets A Wedgie   Jeff Nelson

1976-81 Triumph TR7: The Shape Of Things To Come; Or Not   Robert Kim

1976 Triumph TR7 Fixed Head Coupe: The Case For The Defence   Roger Carr

1979 Triumph TR7 Drophead: Hot Stuff   Joseph Dennis

1980-81 Triumph TR8: The Wedge Perfected (History)   David Saunders

1981 Triumph Acclaim CD: A Triumph, To Any Acclaim?   Roger Carr


1998 TVR Cerbera Speed Eight 4.5: The Budget Supercar   Tatra87


1957-61 Vauxhall Victor F-Series: The British ’57 Chevy   David Saunders

1961-72 Vauxhall Victor: Luton Salutes The Victor   Roger Carr

1964-67 Vauxhall Victor 101 Super: Almost Mine   David Saunders

1964 Vauxhall Viva HA Saloon: Viva Vauxhall?   Roger Carr

1966 Envoy Epic (Vauxhall): An Epic Find, And An Epic Beginning   David Saunders

1969 Vauxhall Ventora (FD Series): Trying To Adapt, With Difficulty   Roger Carr

1977 Vauxhall VX2300GLS: The End Of The British Vauxhall, The End Of Americana?   Roger Carr

1978 Vauxhall Cavalier Sportshatch: If It’s Good Enough, It’ll Sell   Roger Carr

1994 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 CDi: “Come Inside Mr Ford, The General Needs To Talk”   Roger Carr


1973 Wolseley Six: A Land Crab Appears In Oregon Despite The Invasive Species Act Or The Wolseley Six Girl Has Got To Have Soul   Paul N