Curbside Classic Archive: Buses

Bus/Transit History

The Arc Of Eugene’s Transit System Over 120 Years: From Mule-Drawn Trolleys To VW Buses To 60′ Bus Rapid Transit Hybrids   Paul N

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Fuel Cell-Electric, and Battery-Electric Coaches: Future Mass Transit Trends   Jim Brophy

Greyhound’s Current Bus Fleet: Hopefully Eye-Opening   Jim Brophy

Pittsburgh Transit Expressway System (Skybus): The Steel City’s Aborted Highway In The Sky   Jim Brophy

A Short History of Dayton’s Trolley Buses   Jim Brophy

Skiway: Mt. Hood’s Fabulous Flying Buses   Paul N

The Rolling Coffins of Honduras   Gerardo Solis

Vintage Electric Trolleybuses Of Chile And Innsbruck   Paul N


North American Bus Brands


1946-59 Flxible Twin Coach Transit Bus: Chicago’s Favorite   Jim Brophy

Flxible Clipper: The Motor Coach Style Leader Of The 1950’s   Jim Brophy

Flxible Clipper:  Do you Know Your Clipper?  Jim Brophy

1954-69 Flxible VistaLiner (VL) 100, Hi-Level, and FlxLiner: The Last Ones From Loudonville   Jim Brophy

Flxible & AM General New Look Buses: Playing Second Fiddle To GM   Jim Brophy

Flxible “Flxette”: The Junior Leaguer…   Jim Brophy

Grumman 870/Flxible Metro: “I’ve Been Framed…”   Jim Brophy

General Motors

GM Turbo Cruiser I, II and III Urban Transit Coaches: Maverick (Top Gun), Your Bus is Here…  Jim Brophy

Chevrolet Buses: Relics Don’t Retire, They Get Rebuilt (Burma)   Tatra87

1947 GM PD-3751 “Silversides” Greyhound Bus: The First Modern Diesel Bus (GM’s Greatest Hit #11)   Paul N

1953-60 GM PD 4104: The Most Dominant And Influential Bus Ever   Jim Brophy

GM PD-4104: My Dream Bus Comes To Visit, With A Formula Ford Racing Car In Its Belly  Paul N

1953 GMC TDH-5105 Old Look Transit Bus: GM’s Greatest Hit #9, Despite Being The Agent Of A GM Deadly Sin   Paul N

1954 GMC PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser: Everybody’s Favorite Bus Except For Greyhound And GM   Paul N

1954 GM PDX-4901 “Golden Chariot”: The Unsuccessful Prototype Of The Modern Bus   Jim Brophy

GM “Old Look” Coach & MH Trolley Coach: When No Transportation Meant Public Transportation   Jim Brophy

1959-69 GM Old Look Update: Hedging Their Bets   Jim Brophy

GM “Buffalo” 4107/4108 & 4903/4905: Last Of The Line   Jim Brophy

1971 GMC TDH-4523 “New Look” Transit Bus: GM’s Greatest Hit No. 11   Paul N

GM RTS II: GM Deadly Sin #27: A Sure Bet?   Jim Brophy

GM New Look “Classic”: Tried And True…   Jim Brophy

1961-1965 GM PD 4106 Intercity Coach – How Do You Replace an Icon?   Jim Brophy

Bus Stop Classics: GM Old and New Look – Vintage Louisville Kentucky Buses    Jim Brophy


Gillig Transit Coach School Bus: Built Like A Tank   Paul N

Gillig Low Floor Bus: Last Out Of The Gate, But It Had An Advantage…   Jim Brophy


1947-60 Mack C Series Urban Transit Coach: Built Bulldog Tough   Jim Brophy

Mack MV-620-D: The “Forward Look” Bus   Jim Brophy

Motor Coach Industries (MCI)

1946-60 MCI Courier Intercity Coach: First of Many   Jim Brophy

1964-1980 Motor Coach Industries (MCI) MC-5:  Middel Hauler  Jim Brophy

MCI-5A Motor Coach:  Honeymoon Hauler  Paul N

1968-73 MCI MC-7 (In Motion)   Paul N

1969-70 MCI MC-6 “Supercruiser”: Six Inches Too Far Ahead Of Its Time   Jim Brophy

1982-87 MCI 9 “Suncrusier”: The 47 Passenger Cabriolet   Jim Brophy

1990-94 MCI 102 B3: Casting Aside 50 Years Of Intercity Bus Design   Jim Brophy


1948-59 Prevost Citadin Urban Transit Coach: Canadian City Dweller   Jim Brophy

1976-2006 Prevost Le Mirage: It’s All In The Windows   Jim Brophy

1988-92 Prevost H5-60: The Articulated Highway Coach, Take Three   Jim Brophy

Other North American Buses

1946-54 ACF-Brill IC 41: Silver Screen Standout   Jim Brophy

1951 Aerocoach Mastercraft P-372: The Champ (GM) Scores Another Knockout   Jim Brophy

American Ikarus/North American Bus Industries: From Hungary To Alabama…   Jim Brophy

1957 Blue Bird All American: The All American Dream Comes In Many Variations And Colors   Paul N

Bus Stop Fiction: GM, Flxible or MCI Coach… May 22nd 1966…   Jim Brophy

CD Beck & Co.: Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery, Even If It Gets You Nowhere   Jim Brophy

1950-62 Canadian Car and Foundry (CCF) C and T Series Urban Transit Coaches: They Outlasted Their American Counterparts   Jim Brophy

1948-53 Checker Motor Coach: The Frequently Forgotten Bus From The Country’s Most Famous Taxi Maker   Jim Brophy

Crown Motor Coaches: California Royalty   Jim Brophy

Eagle Coaches: From Belgium To Brownsville   Jim Brophy

1954-58 Fitzjohn Roadrunner: Another Casualty Of The GM Juggernaut   Jim Brophy

1935-36 Ford 1.5 Ton School Bus   Aaron65

1960’s Gerstenslager Bookmobile    Jim Brophy

1968-75 Highway Products Twin Coach TC-25/29 – The Last Bus to Carry the Storied Twin Coach Name    Jim Brophy

1946 Kaiser Articulated Bus: The First True Articulated Bus   Paul N

Kenworth Pacific School Coach   Eric VanBuren

1991 New Flyer D40LF: North America’s First Low Floor Bus   Jim Brophy

1981-2006 Neoplan AN440: Transplanted Teutonic Transporter   Jim Brophy

1995-2009 NovaBus LFS: Second Out Of The Gate…   Jim Brophy

1999-2009 Optima Opus Urban Transit Coach: Short Ride   Jim Brophy

1928-33 Pickwick Nite Coach: What’s Old Is New Again   Jim Brophy

Proterra All-Electric Urban Transit Bus: The Clean And Quiet Shape Of Things To Come   Jim Brophy

Orion I – VII: Cross-Border Cruisers…   Jim Brophy

1942 Santa Fe Trailways “Victory Liner” Coach: Another Innovation During War That Didn’t Make The Transition to Peacetime   Jim Brophy

Sultana TM 40 SP: Southern Scenicruiser   Jim Brophy

Transmark RE/Eldorado: If You Rented a Car in the US, You’ve Probably Rode On This Bus   Jim Brophy

1950s Wayne Bus Conversion   Paul N

1955-68 Western Flyer Canuck Intercity Coach: Proud Canadian   Jim Brophy

1937-53 White Motor Corp Urban Transit Buses:  Known for Trucks, They Made Buses Too   Jim Brophy

1941 White Postal Service Bus: Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Flat Tire…   Jim Brophy

1934-38 Yellow Coach Model 720/735 “Double Decker”: The Queen Of Fifth Avenue   Jim Brophy


Central/South American Bus Brands

Dina Intercity Coaches: Stalwarts From Hidalgo…   Jim Brophy

2011- Marcopolo Paradiso 1800 DD G7: One Big Bus   Jim Brophy


European Bus Brands


1963-64 DAF Semi-Trailer With Deckers Bus Body   Johannes Dutch

1963 DAF-Verheul Transit Bus: Museum Quality   Johannes Dutch

1965 DAF-Smit Appingedam: Both Public Transport Bus And Coach   Johannes Dutch

1966 DAF-Smit Joure   Johannes Dutch

1969 DAF-ZABO   Johannes Dutch

1970 DAF-Jonckheere   Johannes Dutch

1970 DAF-Jonckheere: Its First Power Unit Was A Philips-Stirling Engine   Johannes Dutch

Other European Buses

Alstom Aptis:  The Electric Bus Comes To Paris   Jim Brophy

1958 AEC Routemaster: The Ultimate London Double-Decker Bus   Roger Carr

1949-60 AEC Regal IV Coach w/ Seagull Body by Burlingham: “Curvy”   Jim Brophy

1950s Alfa Romeo Buses: Mass Transportation Con Verve   Jim Brophy

1947-52 Bedford OB CAC (Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation) Coach: Streamliner From Down Under   Jim Brophy

1963-73 Bedford VAL: English Charmer   Jim Brophy

1987 Bova Futura FHD 12.280: A 21st Century Coach, Introduced In 1982   Johannes Dutch

Bristol Lodekka LD6G: Upstairs, Downstairs   GGH06

1946 – 1964 Chausson AP Series Coaches – The French GM “Old Look”    Jim Brophy

1958 Citroen U55 Citirama Bus: See Paris In Style   Paul N

Gräf und Stift 120 OGL Austrian Post Bus: Where’s The Trailer Bus?   Paul N

1955-73 Ikarus 55/66:  The Bus Behind The Iron Curtain   Jim Brophy

1958 Kässbohrer Setra Continental Trailways Super Golden Eagle: Strike Two For The Articulated Highway Bus   Paul N

1954 Krauss-Maffei KML 110 Coach:  Wind Cheater   Jim Brophy

1920-75 Lancia Buses: Italian Flair   Jim Brophy

1958-86 Leyland Atlantean: Rush Hour Isn’t Crush Hour Any More   Big Paws

1951-61 Mercedes-Benz Type O 6600 H Coach: Mercedes First Post-War Rear-Engined Bus   Jim Brophy

1954-70 Mercedes-Benz 0321H Coach: One of the Best Selling Mercedes Buses of All Time   Jim Brophy

1961-74 Neoplan NH Series Intercity Coach: The “Hamburg”   Jim Brophy

1990-2003 Neoplan Megaliner: The Bus That Changed The Rules   Jim Brophy

1951-57 Pegaso Z 403 Monocasco: Spanish Scenecruiser   Jim Brophy

Late 1950s Ayats-Bodied Pegaso Coaches: Under the Influence   Tatra87

1960 Saurer Sightseeing Bus: With RHD And Column Shift   Paul N

Steyr 380: The Austrian Love Bus   Paul N

1950’s Volvo Buses – Some Mild, Some Wild…    Jim Brophy


Japanese Bus Brands


Hino Poncho: Autumn Traveler   Jim Brophy

Hino S’Elega: If Lexus Built A Bus…   Jim Brophy

1999-2010 Hino Rainbow HR “Low Floor” Bus:  Where “Heat Soak” Has a Whole New Meaning  Jim Brophy

Other Japanese Buses

Bonnet Buses: A Nostalgic Reminder Of An Earlier, Less Hectic Time…   Jim Brophy

1974-76 Mazda Parkway 26 Minibus: Does That Thing Have A Rotary?   Jim Brophy

1965 Mazda Type-A Light Bus – Mazda’s “Fishbowl”    Jim Brophy

1963-65 Mitsubishi-Fuso MR430 – Japan’s First Post-War Front Twin-Axle Bus  Jim Brophy

Pre-School Buses: A Less Familiar Slice Of JDM Goodness…   Jim Brophy

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Cruiser Bus: Retro Disney…   Jim Brophy

Tokyo Tama and Chiba City Monorail: The Bus With A Birds-Eye View…   Jim Brophy


Australian Bus Brands

1945 Dyson Landliner: An Innovative Experiment From Down Under   Jim Brophy