Cohort Capsule: Pallas Is Citroen For Brougham


I love Citroens, especially the vaunted DS. I also love Broughams. You might think the two would be at odds with each other, but both of my favorites–advanced European design and cosseting luxury–were perfectly entertwined in the top-trim DS Pallas, such as this example posted to the Cohort by regular r0b0tr10t.


The Pallas was the luxury DS, with soft Jersey cloth or plush leather seating, stainless-steel wheel discs and side trim, and other refinements.While the original 1955 model might be the purest form of the DS series, my pick would be one of these.

7706614302_fc81cd960b_k (753x542)

In late-model DS21 form, it was the über DS, and my favorite “Goddess.” This gray over navy blue example with saddle-tan leather is just about perfect!