Curbside Classic Archive: Engines, Transmissions and Tech

American Engines


The Legendary Buick Nailhead V8 And The Possible Source Of Its Unusual Valve Arrangement   Paul N

The OHC V12 Engine That Cadillac Almost Built In The Sixties   Paul N

1957 Chevrolet Fuel-Injected 283 V8: Ahead Of Its Time and the Competition   Paul N

The “W” 348 Engine: First Of A Long Line Of Big-Block Chevy V8s   Paul N

The Quickest And Slowest Chevy Turbo-Thrift Sixes   Paul N

The Stillborn Corvair Gen2 Modular Engine: From Two to Twelve Cylinders   Paul N

The 20 mpg 400 Cubic Inch 1967 Olds Cutlass Turnpike Cruiser   Paul N

The Birth of the GM/EMD two-stroke Diesel Engine  PN


The Small Ford Flathead V8 (V8-60) Part 1: The Pre-War Years     Part2: The Post-War European Fords     Part 3: The Simca Years   Tatra87

The Ford FE Series V8 Engine   Jason Shafer

The Ford 4.6 Liter V8   Jason Shafer

Lincoln’s Two-Barrel Carb MEL 430 Engine: Taming The Thirsty Beast   Paul N


1903 Premier: The First OHC Hemi Head Engine And The Search For the Hemi’s True Father   Paul N

The Curious F-Head Engine   Paul N

Big Cummins Diesels Come To The Indianapolis 500   Paul N

The Atkinson (And Miller Cycle) Engines: Not Exactly What They Started Out To Be   Paul N

The Little Engines That Could, Part 1: 1941-42 Ford 30 HP Four Cylinder Truck Engine
   Jason Shafer

The Little Engines That Could, Part 2: How 170 Cu. In. Of Dodge Rammed A Challenge By VW   Jason Shafer

The Little Engines That Could, Part 3: A Fuselage Dodge Rated For Thirty Degree Performance   Jason Shafer

The Little Engines That Could, Part 4: Six Minus Two Equals Roughly Unpopular (Chevrolet)   Jason Shafer

The Little Engines That Could, Part 5: Mercury Died By A Thousand Cuts; Here Are Six Of Them   Jason Shafer

European/Asian Engines:

Alfa Romeo Twin Cam Four: A Pioneer, And As Beautiful As The Cars It Powered   Paul N

Audi’s EA827 Engine: The Inline Four That Could!   MNC

The Last Two New Air-Cooled Car Engines (Honda 1300/Citroen GS)   Allan Lacki

Three Pot Stew: America’s Brief Fling With The Three-Cylinder Supermini   Jeff Nelson

The World’s Largest IC Engine: A Walk Through The Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C Marine Engine   Paul N



Planetary (Not Interstellar) Overdrive (1934-72)   Paul N

Two-Speed Automatics vs. Three-Speed Manuals: When 2 = 3, More Or Less   Paul N

Powerglide: A GM’s Greatest Hit Or Deadly Sin?   Paul N

1959-63 Two-Speed Ford-O-Matic: Ford Builds A Powerglide   Paul N

Chevrolet’s Torque Drive: A Dumber Powerglide   Paul N

Ford’s Torque-Drive Copy-Cat 1970 Maverick Semi-Automatic Transmission   Paul N

Lincoln’s Liquamatic Drive: Failure To Upshift   JP Cavanaugh

The Mysterious Appearance Of Floor Shift For 1961-1964 Chrysler 3-Speed Manual Transmissions   Paul N

The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Chrysler Pushbutton Automatic: A Government Conspiracy?   JP Cavanaugh

Factory Four Speed Transmission Behind A Slant Six? Yup, For A Couple Of Years, Anyway   Paul N

Studebaker’s Automatic Drive: Advanced, Efficient, But Too Expensive In The End   Paul N

The Toyota 5 Speed Transmission Takes Over the World   Dave Skinner


Air Conditioning & Heating:

Firestone Thermador Car Cooler (“Swamp Cooler”)   Paul N

Cold Comfort: History of Automotive Air Conditioning, Part 1 – Pre-World War II   Tom Halter

Cold Comfort: History of Automotive Air Conditioning, Part 2 – The Aftermarket   Tom Halter

Cold Comfort: History of Automotive Air Conditioning, Part 3 – Post-World War II   Tom Halter

Cold Comfort: World’s Most Optioned 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air   Tom Halter

Cold Comfort: 1956 Lincoln Premiere Factory Air Conditioning   Tom Halter

Cold Comfort: 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser Factory Air Conditioning   Tom Halter

Cold Comfort: 1958-60 Lincoln Continental – Craziest Factory Air Conditioning Ever?   Tom Halter

Cold Comfort: 1962 Chevrolet Corvair Factory Air Conditioning   Tom Halter

Corvair Cold Comfort – Heating Optional (1960-61): Your Choice Of Gasoline Or Engine Heat   Paul N


Other Technical Subjects:

The Origins Of The Modern Car   Paul N

An X-Ray Look At GM’s X-Frame (1957-70)   Paul N

Ford’s “Falcon Platform”: From Falcon To Versailles In 18 Different Variations   Paul N

Electronic Ignition: Losing The Points Part 1   VinceC

Mechanical Power Brake Servo: Invented In 1919, Rolls-Royce Was Still Using It In The Sixties   Paul N

Two Carter WCDs: Why Kids Are Exactly The Way They Used To Be   Aaron65

An Incompleat History of the Rear Window Wiper   Barry Koch

Michelin’s TRX Tire: Reinventing The Radial Tire Didn’t Work Quite As Well As Inventing It   Paul N