CC Outtake: 1996 Buick Regal GS – The CC Effect Strikes Yet Again


Perry’s ’93 Cutlass Supreme article must have placed the GM10 (a.k.a. W-body) on my mind, as only a few hours later I spotted this red Buick Regal GS. Later models of this generation Regal are still fairly regular sights, but GS models are more difficult to come by. I happen to share both Perry and Tom’s opinion that the Regal is by far the best-looking first-generation W-body sedan. Especially with its mid-cycle refresh, its design managed to hold up better than its siblings, and still does to this day.


As mentioned, this particular Regal is a Gran Sport model. Unlike past or future Gran Sports, this generation Regal GS received no performance upgrades. Differentiating it from lesser Custom and Limited trims, Gran Sports did receive two-tone paint with a lower gray accent, 16-inch aluminum wheels, bucket seats, and a standard gran touring suspension. It also appears that most GS sedans received the available trunk-mounted luggage rack – the closest thing one could get to a spoiler on a Buick from this era.


This Regal GS also sports the optional leather seats. As a ’96, it features the more ergonomic dashboard, that accompanied the addition of a passenger’s side airbag in 1995. Although a welcomed update, the more modern interior came at the expense of downgraded material quality. For that reason, I’d say my favorite year for this car would be 1994.


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