Car Show Outtake: 1980 Mercury Capri Ghia – It’s a Capri, Jim, But Not As We Know It

1980 Mercury Capri Ghia - 1

Always a pleasure, spotting something special -to Dutch eyes- that has been here its entire life. August 1, 1980, is this Merc’s first date of registration. I saw plenty of Fox body Mustangs over the years, but a Capri not by Ford Europe? A true exotic!

1980 Mercury Capri Ghia - 2

Most likely, this Mercury was imported into the Netherlands and sold by Hessing De Bilt, a major Dutch importer and dealership of US-cars in those days.

1980 Mercury Capri Ghia - 3

A hatch often comes with a hitch. This 42 years old US-Capri is no exception to the rule.

Mercury Capri ad - 1980

A 1980 Hessing De Bilt ad (courtesy of – advertenties). Gasoline consumption 1:12.4 as headline. Second Oil Crisis, you know.

Reading further, that was the EPA-fuel economy rating of a Mercury Capri with the 3.3 liter inline-six, rolling down the road at 90 km/h. If I did all conversions correctly, that’s 29 mpg at a constant speed of 56 mph.

1980 Mercury Capri Ghia - 4

The tidy Capri on display does have a six-cylinder engine, by the way. Its displacement is not registered.

You must have noticed it’s sitting in a sea of other old rides. As you’ll understand, there’s much more to come.

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