Car Show Outtake: 1985 Nissan President Sovereign V8 – Resting On Its Laurels

Finding a Toyota Century is one thing, but a Century parked next to a left hand drive Nissan President is like finding yourself in a state of car show Nirvana. Two high-end flagship limousines, developed and built for the automakers’ domestic market, yet also used by Japanese dignitaries abroad.

The first President generation, the H150-series, was introduced in 1965. It was replaced by the second H250-generation in 1973, lasting till 1989. The extra luxurious Sovereign trim level was added in 1977.

The full-size sedan is powered by Nissan’s Y44 engine, a 4.4 liter OHV 16v V8.

After some web-searching I came across this Bring a Trailer article, dating back to August 2015. Back then the article’s subject, a LHD 1985 Nissan President Sovereign V8, was for sale in Switzerland. Most likely it is the very same limousine as seen here. The car’s first registration in the Netherlands was on April 6, 2016.

As plush as plush can possibly get. Note the cloth upholstery, just like in the Toyota Century.

The Nissan President Sovereign, the ultimate Nissan for a sovereign and presidential ride.