CC Global: Koningsdag 2022, Hedel – Hoera! Hoera! Hoera!

Classic US pickup trucks

April 27 is a holiday in the Netherlands, celebrating King’s Day. I skipped the local festivities and drove off to a nearby town to walk along a collection of classic and modern motor vehicles.

Because of the show’s location and the many visitors, it wasn’t easy to take pictures free of (unintended) photobombing. But all in all, the end result was satisfying.

We’re starting the tour with some regional fire department vehicles.

2017 VW Transporter T6 2.0 TDI - 1

2017 VW Transporter T6 2.0 TDI - 2

2017 Volkswagen Transporter T6 double cab 2.0 TDI. Instead of rear cargo doors it has a big hatch.

1997 MB Sprinter 312 D - 1

1997 MB Sprinter 312 D - 2

1997 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter double cab 312 D, powered by a 2.9 liter, inline-five turbodiesel.

2007 Scania P230 - 1

2007 Scania P230 - 2

Another inline-five turbodiesel, 8.9 liter displacement. A 2007 Scania P230 4×2 truck with a hooklift system.

Ford G398T-FK 3500

Retired, a long time ago. But it still has a part-time job as a sightseeing truck, this Cologne-built Ford G398T-FK (Ford Köln) 3500 from the early fifties. Firefighting specialist Kronenburg built the Ford’s bodywork.

The number 3500 in the designation refers to the payload capacity of 3,500 kg, that heavy model of the series was powered by a 3.9 liter, V8 gasoline engine.

Fiat 540 DT Special

Over to the agriculture of yore with a Fiat 540 DT Special.

Fordson Major

Fordson Major.

1964 Roadless Ploughmaster 65

1964 Roadless Ploughmaster 65, fully based on the Ford 5000 Pre Force.

Bolinder-Munktell BM 350

Bolinder-Munktell BM 350.

Deutz D 3006 - 1

Deutz D 3006 - 2

An air-cooled Deutz D 3006 with a raised side cutter bar.

Classic Deutz farm tractors

Classic Deutz tractors. Unmistakably, given these shades of green and red.

Classic Fahr farm tractors

Fahr was a German manufacturer of agricultural machinery, taken over by KHD (Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG) in the seventies. Since 1977, the brand name Deutz-Fahr is used.

Gaffert - 2019 Scania S520 V8 8x2 - 1

We’re back in the 21st century, just like that. Another tractor, not for farm work though.

Gaffert - 2019 Scania S520 V8 8x2 - 2

Gaffert’s 2019 Scania S520 V8 8×2 tridem with an HMF 85 ton/meter crane behind the cab.

Gaffert - 2019 Scania S520 V8 8x2 - 3

The only non-steering axle of the tractor is the drive axle, in the center of the tridem set-up. An on-highway mammoth, given its curb weight of nearly 25 tons (55,115 lbs).

Van Geffen - 2022 DAF XG 450 FT

Registered on April 13, exactly two weeks prior to the show. A DAF XG 450 FT 4×2 tractor, powered by the 10.8 liter MX-11 engine.

De Groot - 2017 Scania S520 V8 6x2/4

2017 Scania S520 V8 6×2/4 tractor.

Van Leeuwen - 2020 Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 1

Van Leeuwen - 2020 Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 2

2020 Scania R580 V8 6×2 truck, at the back a crane with its own cab.

Van Leeuwen - 2020 Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 3

Van Leeuwen - 2020 Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 4

Van Leeuwen - 2020 Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 5

Attention to detail, now in this case that’s an understatement!

Van Leeuwen - 2020 Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 6

The main job of this fabulous set of wheels, you ask? Hauling horse manure.

Van Leeuwen - 2020 Scania R580 V8 6x2 with full trailer

The complete combination, so with a full trailer, as pictured on the owner’s FB-site.

Hedel - marina and bridge across the Maas river

Heading back home, just one more picture. In the foreground the marina, in the background the bridge across the Maas river, leading straight to the City of  ‘s-Hertogenbosch, aka Den Bosch. Birthplace and hometown of painter Jheronimus/Jeroen/Hiëronymus van Aken Bosch.