CC Global: The Weekly Market’s Corral – And Some Other Dedicated Machines

2020 GMC Sierra - 1

Nuts!!…that’s what the owner of this robust ride is selling at the market. The truck is parked next to the vendor’s food trailer, just sitting there in the outer ring of the town square, waiting for the recoupling.

2020 GMC Sierra - 2

2020 GMC Sierra - 3

After combining the information according to its registration with the emblems on the truck and GMC’s website, I concluded that it’s a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD AT4 Crew Cab, powered by the 6.6 liter Duramax V8 turbodiesel. And with the short bed, given its wheelbase of 158.9”. Anyway, perfectly capable of towing De Notenkraam from market to market without any fuss.

2006 Volvo FM truck and 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van

The turbodiesels are getting mucho smaller now. That is, apart from the 9.4 liter inline-six in the Volvo FM 6×2 above. The truck is 14 years old, yet still looks brand spanking new. Owner De Klein has been taken really good care of it. Well done!

2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van

De Klein’s 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is powered by a 2.1 liter CDI engine, maximum power output 163 DIN-hp. That’s the most powerful version of that engine series in the Sprinter. With the sun visor, neat alloys, sidebars and fully painted front bumper, the single cab panel van got a VIP treatment (recent review of another Sprinter by De Klein family).

2009 Renault Master food truck

Care for a grilled chicken? Prepared in a 2009 Renault Master 2.5 dCi food truck. FWD, with a freewheeling rear tandem. As the venerable Citroën HY has showed us for decades at a stretch, any type of body can be built right behind the cab of a FWD commercial vehicle. This Renault is no exception.

2006 Renault Midlum box truck

A striking 2006 Renault Midlum box truck, owned by a bakery. Rated at 10 metric tons GVM (22,046 lbs) and powered by a 4.1 liter inline-four engine. In its current form, this cab is used by Renault, Volvo, DAF, Kenworth and Peterbilt.

2018 Ford Transit Connect

Leaving the market for now, walking by a window washer’s 2018 Ford Transit Connect 1.5 TDCi. It stands out, simply because it goes beyond the ordinary, all-white, anonymous compact van.

MF 7480 tractor - 1

MF 7480 tractor - 2

The last one stands out too, a Massey Ferguson 7480 Dyna-VT farm tractor, mowing the river embankment on the landside.

MF 7480 tractor - 3

I found a picture of the same tractor, fully equipped. With this set-up, the clippings are getting vacuumed and blown into the wagon. Little critters, better watch out! (photo courtesy of Wim van Breda B.V.)

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