CC Humor: Cars for Visiting Dignitaries and Celebrities in Japan – Sometimes Things Get Lost in Translation…


Having lived here in Tokyo for the past 10 years, I’ve seen many political leaders, celebrities, and other famous individuals visit Japan.  As many know, the country is renown for its hospitality, called “omotenashi”, and the Japanese go “all out” to make visitors feel welcome and at home.  This certainly extends to the transportation provided to these guests during their stay in Japan also.  But, as it does at times, cross-cultural differences can arise.  Here is just a representative example of a few times when things got “lost in translation.”  Car provided for their use first, name of guest following…


Singer Mariah Carey


Actor Sylvester Stallone


Adult Magazine Publisher Larry Flynt

homy 3

Comedian Daman Wayans


Former Pro Basketball Player Shaquille O’Neil


Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates                  (Izusu Mysterious Utility Wizard)

dn 1

Former President Bill Clinton