CC Kids: 1958 Morris Minor Tourer (Convertible)

Kids Adam 1

(by Adam Browne)  My parents in front of their 1958 Morris Minor Tourer (convertible), with me excited at being left behind the wheel. Photo taken in August 1966 on Mount Baker, Washington. Sorry about the quality; it’s scanned from an old Ektachrome slide.

This was the car we had when I was born – my parents bought it new when they were married. They were English immigrants, and English cars were common in Vancouver at the time.

I just barely remember being driven in it – banjo steering wheel, central speedometer with gloveboxes on both sides, convertible framework visible inside – but I don’t ever remember the top being folded down. My mother mentioned later that convertibles weren’t exactly practical with small children, who would fling anything movable up in the air to watch it disappear in the slipstream.

As you see from the photo, it covered logging roads all over British Columbia and the northwestern states. Despite this treatment, it was tough enough that we had it for ten years and covered over 100,000 miles before it was traded in on a 1968 Datsun 1600 (see other post).