CC Outtake: 1998 – or 2018?

I photographed this lineup yesterday morning, not 20 years ago. Individually or in small clusters, these rigs aren’t unusual in our town. But to find five in a row, uninterrupted by newer vehicles, and in a major community parking lot rather than an industrial area where old RV’s are unfortunately a common sight, was a lucky catch.

And then as a I returned to my car, a sixth vehicle joined them. From back to front: a mid-90’s GMC Safari passenger van, possibly an ex-CalTrans (California State Department of Transportation) van judging from its color; it’s corporate sibling, a first generation Chevy Astro; a late-eighties, possibly early-nineties CrewCab Ford dually; a high top Dodge MaxiVan; a Dolphin motorhome on a mid-eighties Toyota chassis-cab; and the late arrival, a “newer” Dodge conversion. All looked fairly clean and well cared-for – no beaters here.

This lot doesn’t allow overnight parking and is regularly patrolled, so these rigs probably just showed up. If they stay there all day, the empty slots will fill up quickly with an eclectic assortment of newer cars, pickups and crossovers, perhaps a Tesla or a Bolt, plus a few older vans and pickups, locals and out-of-towners. Many will be hauling surfboards. as the ocean, with a popular surf break, is just across the street.