CC Outtake: Linc By Linq – Still Classy


There was once a time when it seemed that one of these 1990-1997 generation Lincoln Town Cars occupied every well-to-do elderly person’s driveway, and populated every livery service’s fleet (now I’m beginning to sound like an old man).

Those days are now long gone, with Town Cars becoming increasing obsolete, succeeded in livery fleets by everything from the Cadillac Escalade to the Mercedes S-Class to the Hyundai Equus to Lincoln’s own generally unsuccessful MKT, and in the driveway of private owners with you name it.

Now full disclosure: I’ve never found the post-1980s Town Car to be an all that luxurious vehicle. Relative to other vehicles from luxury brands of the time, the Town Car was lacking in the way of refinement and noteworthy features. But man did these cars have stately presence, even this one with its rusty fenders and sagging rear air suspension. And I think that’s always been their strongest link.

Photographed, in front of The Linq Theatre, S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV – November 2015