CC Outtake: Rover 150 – Which Way Are We Going?     

You may have read the recent Curbside Classic review of the 1998-2005 Rover 75 saloon – an interesting proposition and well executed in many ways, though the question has to asked. “Did Rover (and BMW) know which way they wanted to go?

Rover-150.2Well, maybe this is one answer to the question. It is a fully registered and street legal twin headed Rover 75 V6. In this case, there is only one engine and driveline, and being front wheel drive, that part of the conversion would have been more straight forward than some, such as the Dodge CoronoroC patrol car.

In this case, it’s a 2.5 lire V6 Rover 75 mated to another Rover 75 body shell, with the transverse front engine retained and the “rear” being the front end of the other donor car, with the steering locked. Longer brake pipes, exhaust and re-routed fuel pipes were the largest mechanical differences, plus the rear lights hidden in the “headlamps”.

What is very impressive, though, is the level of detail and quality of the workmanship in the conversion. The vinyl roof helps of course, but “rear” compartment is fully trimmed and equipped as it was originally, and the pairs of leather trimmed seats sit neatly back to back.


So, a nice head tuner, suitable for an advertisement for the AA and maybe a bit of a metaphor for the Rover 75 itself.

Just which way did it want to go?