CC Outtake: Rover P6 3500 – Back To Work Special


With the silly season coming to an end, for many of us that means back to work. To celebrate this less than momentous occasion, I bring you a superb company car. Chad uses this Rover P6 3500 to ferry around his plumbing tools, to advertise his business, and to let the world know that he is a man of discerning tastes.


I’ve seen Chad’s 3500 a few times; on this occasion I even managed to have a short conversation with the man himself. This beauty is a non-problematic daily driver, and the only downside is petrol bills. Then again, his capital expense is not so high, so he can theoretically offset the fuel costs against the non-existent lease payments and still come out ahead. Maybe.

CC correspondents are continually inundated with an avalanche of lucrative endorsement opportunities. Me, I prefer to save my imprimatur for worthy causes. Such as Chad’s Plumbing Solutions.

Nice ride Chad.

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