CC Vintage: Cars On My Childhood Street, Hawthorn Road, In 1998

Hawthorn Rd Milton MA 1998

Going though some old photos, I found this picture a then 5-year old me took of the cars on my childhood street, in the summer of 1998. In order, the cars pictured are a Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta, Plymouth Neon, and Mercury Cougar.

When I took this, I was standing out in front of my house, and these cars were parked outside our next door neighbor, Mrs. Sorensen’s house. Mrs. Sorensen herself drove a maroon Dodge Aries at the time, her last car before she gave up driving, as she was well into her eighties. The Plymouth Neon was owned by her daughter, Agnes, and the Corolla was owned by Agnes’ daughter. They both lived nearby and visited often.

The Jetta, which appears to be a VR6, belonged to Maureen, who occupied the white house whose porch is sticking out in the top left corner of the picture. The house actually belonged to Maureen’s sister and brother in-law, the Crowleys, but they were living abroad in London at the time for work, so Maureen house-sat for them for about two years. As for the Cougar, its owner lived two houses down from Mrs. Sorensen, but I never really knew who he or she was. It’s funny how you can be neighbors with someone for years, and never meet them.

Although this isn’t the most interesting assortment of cars from the era, it’s nonetheless fun looking back on memory lane, errr… Hawthorn Road, that is.