Curbside Outtake: Suzuki X-90 – A Lincoln Week Palate Cleanser

Hey, guys… Lincoln week has been fun and all that, but having never owned or driven one (nor known any close friends who had one), they’re not really my bag. This Suzuki X-90, on the other hand, well, it’s exactly the kind of car that catches my eye. Small, cute and quirky. And no, that’s not a circus tent on the background.

We’ve already had a pretty thorough writeup of the X-90 here on CC, so I’ll keep this short, like the car. Given these never really sold in “economy size” numbers, and given this is the Middle West, heart of the Rust Belt, seeing one in this nice of condition was quite a treat.

If this one had had a For Sale sign in the window, I would have been mighty tempted to snap it up. Then I could get myself a nice Lincoln and store the X-90 in the trunk when I’m not using it.