On-The-Go Outtake: 1956 Porsche 356A – Cool As Vanilla Ice (Cream)

Zoom, and he whipped around the corner and off down the street as I only had time to shoot one picture while I was stopped at the light.  Clearly enjoying himself in his 1956 Porsche 356A in a somewhat unconventional color on this resplendent day here in Colorado, this fellow was making the most of what he had.  Window down, sound in his ears, wind in the cabin and probably a few familiar smells from the car wafting about. 

Well, if I don’t have the time to take more than one picture, at least I can work with what I’ve got and crop/enlarge!  How can one tell it’s a 1956 356A?  Well, the curved windshield and doors without quarterlights means it’s at least a 1956, which started the “A”. Late in 1956 overrider tubes were added to US market cars.  However they are often removed so not definitive or this could be an import.  But for 1957 the door handle shape became more rounded at its rear end, this one looks sort of sqaure-ish at the rear.  Early in 1957 the tail lights changed from two “beehive”-style lights per side to an elongated single one on each side.  The lights are difficult to see here but I think they are the beehives.  So I’m going with 1956 but would not wager a lot of my own money on that…Either way it’s a cool car and nice to see driven on a regular weekday.