Mini CC: 1958 Continental Mark III By Sun Star Platinum

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I have already covered the 1958-60 Continental in four-door hardtop and convertible form, so let’s complete the set (well, except for the pillared sedan) with the two-door hardtop. No 1/1-scale version was handy, but fortunately, Sun Star makes a fine miniature version.

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Sun Star has been around for at least a dozen years in the U.S., with a basic 1/18-scale line in the $30-35 range. It includes a ’63 Corvair Monza, ’67 Cougar, ’60 T-Bird, Sixties Chevy and Ford pickups, and more. But about five years ago, they introduced a premium line, the Platinum series.

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These were in the $60-65 range, and more in line with Highway 61 models, with functioning suspension, realistic hood and door hinges, simulated carpeting and more.

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The first one I bought was a yellow ’56 Lincoln Premiere I found at Menards during Christmastime. The detail was very good, though as the inaugural Platinum model, there were a few glitches–such as a ride height that was a bit taller than in real life.

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Unfortunately, the paint/plastic on the seats never fully dried, and bits of the felt carpeting and dust would adhere to it, with me having to go over it with a damp washcloth every few months. I eventually traded it to the local hobby shop guy for a ’56 Premiere coupe in red–which I still have. The coupe model corrected the earlier convertible’s ride height problem, too.

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More recently, a 1958 Continental Mark III came out, and as mentioned in my ’58 Continental post earlier, I got a pink convertible. I was very impressed with the detail, but when a coupe came out in about 2010, I had to have one of those as well. I hinted at my desire for a Seneca Blue example, and Dad came through in time for Christmas.

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As you can see, the car is scaled perfectly, with the reverse-slant Breezeway roofline, front fender “pods” and turbine-vaned wheel covers all spot-on. And yes, the glove box opens.

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If that wasn’t enough, the fender skirts are also removable. Why? Well, why not?

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More recently, Sun Star has released the coupe in Copper Poly with light beige leather. Even though I already have two of these mini land yachts, I just might have to add another one to the fleet!

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And if this Connie floats your boat, Sun Star also offers a ’59 Olds Ninety-Eight, ’58 Buick Roadmaster, ’56 Mercury Montclair, ’55 Nash Ambassador, and ’58 Ford Fairlane 500, among others. The only problem is they are a bit dear, so I generally get them on my birthday or for Christmas. As a result, I only have about four, but they are all keepers!

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