CC Gallery: The Editorial Art of Doug Wright

When I was very young our city paper had editorial cartoons by several artists. 5 year old boys don’t have much of a feel for politics or social commentary, but there was one man’s work that I was drawn to.

Doug Wright was a Brit, who emigrated to Canada and made himself a career out of illustration.  He had several successful endeavors, but I knew him through his newspaper editorials.  He preferred to illustrate the everyman sort of situation, and clearly he loved vehicles.  Unlike most cartoon cars, his actually looked like the real cars that I was learning to identify on the streets.  

Recently I learned that a collection had been published in 1973 (when I was six years old) so I located a copy.  To my great delight several of my favorites were included, so without further ado I present the auto art of Doug Wright:






I remember cutting this one out of the paper and taping it to my wall.  This was what I aspired to, and in hindsight I’d say I succeeded!




I included this one for the sweet little VW there, but also as an example of  how early 70’s social commentary doesn’t always work anymore.  Or at least is amusing for a different reason, society has changed in 50 years.







The final three are from the book’s cover.  As you progressively back up you see more of what is actually happening:







Doug Wright died in 1983, an illustrator who could get a 5 year old to read the newspaper.