Vintage Dealer Snapshot: One Studebaker Dealer In 1966

Just one photo on this occasion, and not a very good one. Still, I find it worth sharing since it captures the final days of the Studebaker brand. Of the lot, the Hail Mary Avanti is the one that first captures the eye, even if stuck in a somewhat dark corner. Then, the rest of the unfamiliar models come into view, carrying the brand’s last restyle. And don’t feel bad if you’re not familiar with Studebaker’s 1966 products, for there’s a reason. As a whole, the company only moved 8,497 units that final year.

I’m familiar with the feeling of impending doom in the business world. One tries to go about daily tasks as usual, but the unavoidable sense is there; fewer customers, fewer calls, and a sense of everything slowing down… Now, while the brand was certainly doomed, a good number of these dealers moved on to other products. Sometimes early on. However, no information came with this online photo, so it’s hard to say if it sank with the mothership, or thrived under a different banner.


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