Vintage Dealer Snapshots: The New 1957 Chevrolets Arrived! – Oct. 1956

This is a topic that has appeared fairly often at CC and I’m pretty sure it’s always welcomed. I’m talking about the introduction of new year models and the excitement their arrival used to cause back in the day. A different era when new models were the talk of the town, with their arrival providing a buzz one could feel in the air.

So here we have a series of photos taken on Oct. 19th, 1956, with the new ’57 Chevrolets on display. The location was Capitol Chevrolet, at 5th and Lamar, in Austin Texas. Shots taken of the exterior suggest there was plenty of traffic arriving for the occasion, while interior images show the excitement of such events. All images are part of the collection of Rescuing Texas History from the UNT.