Vintage Snapshots: 1960 Oldsmobile Traveling Accross The US — From California To Arkansas

Here’s another series of photos with some storytelling, featuring a 1960 Oldsmobile traveling across the US. Partial storytelling that is, since there’s little information on the car’s occupants. The only clue is an elderly lady barely visible in some shots, which is probably enough to suggest it’s an older couple doing some kind of grand sightseeing tour. On the other hand, the images did contain locations and all are dated to early 1961.

It’s a bit hard to tell in the photos since the car is never up close, but I’m pretty sure that the featured vehicle is a Ninety Eight sedan. The lede image is at the Furnace Creek Inn, in Death Valley.

Hwy. 190, Death Valley.

Hwy. 395 near Walker.

Hwy. 285 in New Mexico.

Hwy. 85, New Mexico.

Hot Springs, Arkansas.

First Christian Church, Oklahoma City.

Camp Robinson, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Audubon State Park, Lousiana.