Vintage Snapshots: Cars & Parades!

The natural law is for change to never cease, and for customs to evolve or fade away. And while we’re all aware such shifts occur, it always takes some time to contemplate what has been, and what is. And on a recent post, an old photo got a few comments pointing out how parades as we knew them have diminished as a tradition. A reality that hadn’t fully dawned on me, until stopping to think about it.

Yes, parades were once far more common and embodied a different feel and spirit. Not that I’m suggesting they’re gone. But most of today’s are rather lavish, and somewhat over-the-top affairs. Quite tailored for the overstimulated public of today.

The old small-town parades, with simpler floats and flashy cars sponsored by local businesses, are pretty much a thing of the past. Then again, everything evolves. And my generation probably has something to do with it (Gen X!). Kids of my generation did enjoy parades, but they also worried about the TV shows they were missing while waiting for the floats to appear.

So let’s revisit those old parades, of which I’ve found a few photos on my browsing, with most featuring some good car content. In general, none of these came with any information on location, dates, or occasion. But I’m pretty sure some of our readers will recognize a few of these, and provide some information in the comments section.