Vintage Snapshots: Ditched By The Wayside – Images From The 1970s

Cars ditched by the road -or elsewhere- have been a tradition of sorts since the automobile came to be. A sad and unintended custom, but one we have to contend with. As for myself, my feelings are mixed on the matter. Depending on mood, vehicle, and location; sometimes I feel they possess a quiet beauty, and others, I wish the cars in question had been rescued. But well, consistency; what does the human brain know about it?

As for the images, these come from the National Archives for the Documerica project and were taken in the early to mid-70s. They’ve been slightly color-corrected for this post. As for the lead pic, it was taken near Orleans Parish, in Louisiana.

Somewhere in the Mississippi River.

Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

Breezy Point, South of South Jamaica Bay, NY.

Unknown location.

Water-break on Navajo Reservation.

Little Duck Key, FL.

Gaede’s Wrecking Yard, Albuquerque, NM.

Shoreline at JFK Airport, NY.

Breezy Point, NY.