Gremlin What If #2: The Greville

AMC Gremlin barko 2

“AMC noted the use of the bustleback to promote a pseudo classic look on certain American luxury marques, and realized that little expense would be incurred in adding an extra 18″ of trunk space to the posterior of the Gremlin, effectively stealing the thunder of the Cadillac Cimarron, which it predated by four years.”

“The new model was introduced as the, “Greville”, and despite cornering the market for poorly styled, pretentious sub compacts, it failed to find buyers. Undaunted, AMC veered toward Highland Park, redesigning the striping to include a crown rented from a margarine company, and rechristening it, “Gremperial”. When a deal struck with a lounge singer marketing phenomenon to offer the “Peter Lemongello Signature Edition” surprisingly fell flat, the Gremperial was allowed to quietly slip from the scene in 19– something or other.”