Bus Stop Classics: Marcopolo Paradiso 1800 DD G7 – One Big Bus

We’ve previously looked at buses from North America, Asia, and Europe – let’s broaden our aperture a little and review a coach from South America – specifically, one of the biggest and most popular buses on that continent – the Marcopolo Paradiso 1800 DD G7 – it’s one big bus…

Marcopolo SA is a Brazilian coach and bus manufacturer headquartered in the southern city of Caxius do Sul. It doesn’t manufacture complete coaches – it’s a “coachbuilder” – it makes bus bodies and interiors, then mates them to an existing OEM chassis; mostly Scania, MAN and Volvo. They have manufacturing operations in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and are in negotiations for joint ventures in China and India.

While they don’t market buses in the US or Canada, they did have one model that was sold here in the late 1990’s – the DINA Viaggio. DINA, a Mexican conglomerate, was the owner of Motor Coach Industries (MCI) during that decade, and purchased Viaggio bodies from Marcopolo and placed them on top of their DINA 45 foot bus chassis. The buses were sold by MCI and proved fairly popular with tour operators.

Marcopolo Torino Urban Transit Bus with Volvo Chassis 

Marcopolo manufactures both urban transit and intercity bus bodies in a variety of sizes.

It’s largest and most luxurious coach is the Paradiso 1800 DD G7. It’s 15 meters (49 ft) long, 2.6 meters (8.5 ft) wide, and 4.2 meters (13.7 ft) tall.

Two chassis are offered – a single front axle and one with tandem front wheels. Usually tandem front wheels are required due to axle loading, but in the G7’s case, they also allow for additional steering traction on Brazil’s mountainous and sometimes unpaved roads.

Scania K420 Chassis

MAN 2676 6 cylinder

The chassis used for the four axle models are the Scania K-420, the MAN 8X2, and the Volvo B450R. The Scania engine is a K-Series 12.7 litre pushing out 490 hp, the MAN a Model 2676 12.4 litre with 493 hp, and the Volvo a D-11C 10.8 litre with 450 hp.

Many are used on overnight routes, and are outfitted with first-class airline style seats that fully recline. The lower floor rear seating area can also be configured as a lounge.

Looks like a nice bus – perhaps Marcopolo will enter the US and Canadian market again someday…