COAL Dust • The Rest of the Stories + Afterword

That’s about the last of the COAL dust*. I’ve left very little out of this 42-chapter, 42-week, ~168-kiloword (?! What’d I do, write a book over here?) account of my life with cars—and bikes, and school buses. I haven’t yet figured out what’ll be the replacement target for that much of my discretionary (or procrastinatory) time; I had this last one for three decades, and it was only my second after lawnmower engines. I’ve been hoping the next one is something useful like solar energy or suchlike, and maybe it will be. But I’m going to do a lot more writing. I’ve been making a living and spending spare time with wordcraft for years, but—sincerely!—I’ve not thought of myself as a writer until a week or two ago in this COAL series. Oh, sure, a technical writer, but that’s not what I mean; it’s not the same.

I’m grateful to my father, not only for the obvious reasons as told in this series, but also for having passed along to me his storytelling abilities. I’m grateful to Paul for this forum, and the opportunity and encouragement to take my turn in the COAL mine; if he hadn’t persistently raised the idea with me over I forget how many years, I likely wouldn’t’ve done it. Heck, I’m even grateful (in homeopathic concentrations) to my mother, bless her heart, without whom some of these stories might’ve been…err…ruhhh…hinged. I’m grateful to all of you for reading and reacting; one of the agonies of the technical writing I do is that I seldom get any feedback: late night, 3AM on deadline, and I have no idea if anyone’s ever going to read or care about this what I’m writing. So the comments and feedback have been a giant departure for the better, and I thank you for those.


* I’m not quite outta spoons yet; I’m holding a few stories for a COAL-reprise post someday.

Ackthpthpth. Thpth. Oop ack.

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