CC Outtakes: The Florida Panther

Photo from Wikipedia

The Florida Panther is a cougar, or mountain lion, which is the state animal of Florida. According to Wikipedia, there’s a population of over 200 of these felines in Florida, a number which is growing thanks to conservation efforts.

But here at CC a Panther is a car, and definitely not a Cougar. And the population in Florida probably numbers in the many thousands, even almost a decade after the last one rolled off the assembly line. On a recent trip to the Sunshine State, I snapped a few pictures of a car which in California, where I live, is only occasionally seen on the roads, and then usually in the guise of a taxi cab or police car. But in California, most Panthers are Ford Crown Victorias, whereas in central Florida, the Mercury Grand Marquis prevails, with a strong showing of Lincolns as well. I’d say the Crown Vic came a distant third. When I took this picture, there were two other Grand Marquis waiting at the same intersection.

Here’s another nice Grand Marquis, the nose plastered with “love bugs”, which are a ubiquitous central Florida species at this time of year. In the background is an example of the type of car which seems to have replaced the RWD American sedan as the vehicle of choice in this area, an imported CUV. While GM and Ford, as well as Honda and Toyota, crossovers are common sights, there seemed to be a disproportionate number of Kias, Hyundais, and Nissans on the road … I imagine they are considered a better value. Perhaps the Kia Sorento will be a worthy CC in a few decades.

Finally, here’s a pair of near-identical Town Car twins, or perhaps I should say siblings as they are obviously not the same age.  I suspect the hose seen on the ground was used to clean off some love bugs.