CC Outtake: Halloween Hearse, Swedish Style

Halloween Volvo

A black hearse that is itself only a few miles from the auto graveyard is most people’s image of an ideal Halloween car.  The hearse usually will be a Cadillac, but in Sweden, it can be a Volvo.  Volvo has sold two door, raised roof versions of its station wagons as hearses, going back at least to the 444/544.  Each generation of large Volvo has been made into hearses since then.  Being Volvo, Volvo could not avoid marketing the 245 hearse on the basis of passenger safety, apparently missing the obvious irony (see page 5 of this brochure).  With American-style Halloween growing in popularity in Sweden since the 1990s and the 240/245 still a popular daily driver, 245 hearses may appear as Halloween-themed cars in Sweden for many years to come.  A 245 in Halloween livery appears less frightening to American eyes than, say, a 1959 Cadillac hearse, but Swedish eyes may see it differently.