CC Outtake: 1993 Acura Vigor GS – Living Up To Its Name


The Acura Vigor lived a short and unassuming life in the mid-sized luxury car segment. Sold for just three model years (1992-1994), the Vigor never really stood out in a crowded marketplace. Failing to make much of a name for itself, North American Vigor sales totaled just under 50,000 units.


Never being an all that common sight on the roads then, the Vigor’s crisp lines, long and low hood, aggressively flared front wheel arches, and hardtop styling stand out, akin to someone whose all bone and muscle versus the plump, overweight modern cars around it.


Apart from a few typical battle scars of a car this age, minor fender and side skirt rust, very scuffed and rusty rims, and several scuffs here and there, this Vigor looks remarkably well for its age, especially considering it’s a Northeast city car, making it a true survivor.


Displaying unwavering vigor, this 23-year old Acura just may be finally living up to its name.

Photographed on Lancaster Street, Boston, MA; February 2016

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