Vintage Dealers: A Visit To Studebaker Dealers

It’s time to visit a few Studebaker dealers and check out some South Bend products. There’s a nice supporting cast of old Detroit iron in a few of these shots. Also, be on the lookout for the Charlie Stuart Inc. pics, as they seem to chronic the highs and lows of Studebaker’s history. The lead pic is in Arcure Motors, Ann Arbor.

Charlie Stuart Inc., Indiana.

Munch Studebaker, Swissvale, Penssylvania.

Merriman Motors, Raleigh, South Carolina.

Klyce Motors, Memphis, Tenessee.

LeFevre Motors, Brookings, South Dakota.

Martin Motors, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Newman & Altman, South Bend.

Charlie Stuart Inc., Indiana.

Whattoff Motors, Ames, Iowa.

The ‘Car Of The Future’, in the showroom.

Buckley Brothers, Denver, Colorado.

Charlie Stuart Inc., Indiana.