Australian Brands

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Chrysler Australia

1971 Australian Valiant Charger RT Hemi Six Pack – That Thing Got A Hemi? Um; Not Quite.

1972 Chrysler by Chrysler Hardtop – Brougham Australian Style


A History of the Australian Ford Fairlane and LTD   W. Stopford

Ford ZC Fairlane 500: A Stranger in a Strange Land – Jason Shafer

Falcon XY 351 GT: The Real Thing   PN

1972-79 Australian ‘Super’ Premium Fords: Parsing FoMoCo’s Alternate Universe Broughams  Don Andreina

1973 Australian Fairlane ZXGLQ-FU: That Thing Got A FEMI? (Curbside Fiction)     Paul N

1976 Australian Falcon XC 351 GT Ute Found In Oregon: This Time For Real    Paul N

1981-85 KA/KB Laser: A Beam Of Light  William Stopford

1985-87 Telstar TX5 Turbo: In High Orbit   William Stopford

1989-94 Ford Capri: Unfashionably Late   William Stopford

1989-92 Ford Corsair/Nissan Pintara: A Lame Duck Bluebird  William Stopford

1994-96 Laser Lynx   William Stopford

1996-98 Taurus Ghia  William Stopford

1998-2000 AU Falcon: Proven Mechanicals, Avant-Garde Styling   William Stopford

2004 BA Falcon XR6   William Stopford


1953 Holden FJ Ute: In Memoriam

1965-66 HD Holden Special Station Sedan: The Down Under, 3/4 Scale 1962 Oldsmobile

Holden HG Monaro GTS: Heavy Metal on the Grassy Plain  Jason Shafer

Holden HR Ute: It’s A Beaut

Holden Statesman DeVille (HZ): If We Can’t Export Cars, We Can Export Their Names   Paul N

The Holden Sandman: The Aussies Blow The Pinto Cruising Wagon Away   Paul N

1978-81 Holden VB/VC Commodore: The Beginning of a New Era  William Stopford

1980-85 Statesman WB by General Motors-Holden: What A Beaut  William Stopford

1982-89 Camira: The Short-Lived Australian J-Car  William Stopford

1985-87 RB Gemini: The Stars Didn’t Align   William Stopford

1988-91 VN Commodore: Revisiting The Opel Mine   William Stopford

1994-1995 Holden VR Caprice: Broughams Down Under  William Stopford

1997 Astra: First Love  William Stopford

2003-07 Adventra: Territory Enemy and HSV Avalanche   William Stopford

2003-05 ZC Vectra: A High Flyer Stuck At Baggage Check   William Stopford

Leyland Australia

Leyland P76: Australia’s Edsel