Vintage Snapshot: Margaret Ransohoff With Her First Car (Updated)

(Update: my explanation for running this picture as well as more details about how it was originally used has been added)

I ran into this in my wanderings on the web, and not surprisingly, it caught my eye. But I wondered about whose car it was. The way she’s touching the headlight so tenderly made me think it most likely was hers, but I couldn’t be sure. That is, until its hidden caption appeared only just as I uploaded it into CC:

Margaret Ransohoff of Bay Village (Ohio) with the first car she owned, after her sophomore year of college.

Update: CC reader Oliver Twist found the original newspaper article that this picture was used in, from The Plain Dealer in 2007, in a series entitled “My Car”:

This makes the picture (from 1973) complete, and explains why it was out there on the web.


Thanks to Google, it wasn’t hard to find Ms. Ransohoff again, this time hosting a garden party in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Is she still driving a Mercedes? Given her history and economic status, quite likely. Or maybe a Tesla? She is an early adopter, after all.

Postscript-  I had a very specific reason why I chose to Google Ms. Ransohoff and show her recent image here, as well include her original picture caption and use her name in the title: I didn’t want to post this in a way to encourage salacious reactions or comments. It’s a great shot, and by making Ms. Ransohoff a real person, we are respecting her and her story, not just her legs. At the website I first found the picture, it was just generating the expected type of comments. I won’t run cheesecake pictures here for that reason.