Trains, Planes and Ships

US Trains:

1955 Union Pacific EMD E9: The Last Of The Classic Diesel Streamliners   PN

Southern Pacific AC Class 4-8-8-2: A Different Way Forward   Big Paws

Budd RDC: Self propelled Railcars to the Rescue   R.Swartz

PRR GG-1: Power Meets Style   Big Paws

PRR GG-1  Kevin Martin

PRR GG1 (and DB E18/19) The Greatest Electric Locomotives Ever   PN

The Birth of the GM/EMD two-Stroke Diesel Engine    PN

UP Big Boy 4014 or LNER Pacific 4468 ‘Mallard’?   R. Carr

1937 Plymouth Diesel Switcher

1907 Baldwin C. Dickson

UK Trains:

1927 Great Western King Class 4-6-0 No 6000 King George V: Combining Innovation And Tradition   Big Paws

1938 LMS Princess-Coronation Pacific No 6229 Duchess Of Hamilton: Greatness Out Of Chaos   Big Paws

1941-46 Southern Railway Merchant Navy & West Country / Battle Of Britain Pacifics   Big Paws

UP Big Boy 4014 or LNER Pacific 4468 ‘Mallard’: Your Call   Roger Carr

1951 British Railways EM1 No 26020: Forgotten Progress   Big Paws

1961 British Rail Class 55 Deltic Diesel Locomotive: A Distinctive Roar Of Confidence   R Carr

1976 British Rail Inter City 125 High Speed Train: Still Setting The Standard   Big Paws

1992 Ffestiniog Railway ‘Double Fairlie’ Dafydd Lloyd George / David Lloyd George   Big Paws

2008 A1 Class Pacific 600163 Tornado: Yes, This Really Is Britain’s Newest Express Locomotive   Big Paws

Continental European Trains:

1953 Krauss-Maffai V200: The VW Bus’ 2200 hp Big Brother – And It Had Four Mechanical Gears Too  PN

The Bergbahnen of the Berner Oberland   Big Paws

PRR GG1 (and DB E18/19) The Greatest Electric Locomotives Ever  PN

Airplanes and Aviation (North American)

Douglas DC-8: The Trip of a Lifetime   PN

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser  Paul N

1957 Piper Tri-Pacer: Shades of La Femme?

de Havilland DH 114

The Mobile Lounges of Dulles Airport  Lynne Vogt

Airplanes and Aviation (European and other)

DeHavilland Comet: Pioneering the Jet Age    Roger Carr

DeHavilland DH-98 Mosquito: Wooden Wonder   Big Paws

Avro Vulcan B2 XH558: The Empire’s Last Stand   Big Paws

Avro Lancaster B1   Roger Carr

BAC/Sud Aviation Concorde: Before You Leave, You Arrive   Roger Carr

Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire   Big Paws

Bristol Type 170 Freighter   Roger Carr

Sud Aviation Caravell   Ed Stembridge

Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3   Roger Carr

Bolivian T-33: The Endless Duty  Rubens

The Brazilian Air Force And The Planes That Defined Us. Part One: War Time   Rubens


Ships, Boats, Subs, etc.

175 Years of Cunard in Liverpool   Roger Carr

1906 Cunard RMS Mauretania: Ambition and Innovation Combine In The First Modern Ocean Liner  Big Paws

MS Gripsholm: Some Are Born Great, Some Achieve Greatness, and Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them   Robert Kim

SS United States: Will The World’s Fastest Ocean Liner Be Saved?   Paul N

Diesel-Electric Submarines: Part 1: World’s Biggest Hybrids   Part 2: Acceleration From Zero To ??  Lee Wilcox

1963 Huron 17′ Wood Canoe   DougD

1968 Chris Craft 35′ Commander: Dream Boat   Tom Klockau


Train Museums

The St. Louis Museum of Transportation – Jason Shafer

The St. Louis Museum of Transportation, Part 2 – Jason Shafer