Rampside Classic: de Haviland DH.114 Heron – The Last Of Its Kind Still Flying

Here’s an interesting sight. I had noticed something a bit out of the ordinary in one of the hangers at this small airport, but today it was outside completing some engine tests.

It’s a de Haviland DH.114 Heron, and this one is the only flying Heron left. And to top that off, it was once the Queen of England’s personal transport. The Heron was a pretty small plane (17 passenger capacity) to have four engines, but then the Gipsy Queen six cylinder motors made all of 250 hp each. This was not a fast plane.

Mr. Happy Miles, the current owner and pilot, purchased it along with another non flyer. I was told that inside there is a fur covered toilet as part of the special royal accoutrements.

Today it is a flying advertisement for the Young Marines, a Boy Scout like organization of which Mr. Miles’ son is a member.

There were 148 Herons built between 1950 and 1959. A number of small airlines and military operators around the globe bought Herons. But this one was one of two custom made for the King and Queen.

Those are some graceful lines on an old bird.

As you can see many interesting things  are hidden in small airports like this one.