Alternate-Timeline CC: Befinned 1973 Dodge Dart(s!)

Hey, look, this ’73 Dart is…well, it’s finished! I snagged these pics from a Craigslist ad in 2010, back before ‘artificial intelligence’ was even arguably capable of serving up 1982 Packard Patricians or whatever. Here’s the other pic (the illegible New Jersey licence plate and other noisy details are a casualty of image upscaling):

Could wish for more and bigger-better photos, but from what I can see this works really well for me. I might prefer the taillights up in the fins, but that would’ve made this already-major project much more costly and complex to do well; effectively; safely, and attractively. Especially if the original taillight cutouts had been erased from the bumper bar.

Even without that, though, it certainly looks like someone put a great deal of thoughtful, dilligent work into this as an exercise in what if tailfins hadn’t gone out of style?. The fins are sized; shaped, and angled just right to align with the quarter panels and the beltline. They look to be canted just enough to bring to mind the ’60-’61 Chrysler. And I appreciate that this was done on a 4-door car with a vinyl top.

These pics have been bouncing around my hard disks ever since I grabbed them. I’ve had no luck finding any more pics or info, which is a little strange; it’s not exactly a beige Camry, and the A-body enthusiast community is quite vigourous and well connected. So I’d think the buyer would’ve made themself known somewhere or other, but so far nope. Perhaps it was exported to Finland.

It’s not the only instance I’m aware of, though; there’s also this [’73 Dart + ’68 Valiant + ’64 Cadillac] ÷ 3 = 1968.3 ‘Dartillac’ (the owner still calls it a ’73):

I give a thumbs-up for the fintegrated taillights, and…eh…a thumbs-sideways for the pointy round lights in the bumper bar (painted black? Well, okeh, it goes with the rat-rod theme, and chrome is very expensive).

Yeah, it’s a little cracklety-crunchy around the seams and edges; so what? It’s still a hell of a cool build.

Looks a little more polished on this side. I dig that zigzag profile to the trailing edge.