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I've loved cars ever since I can remember. I grew up in a GM family just outside Pittsburgh PA, so I liked Chevys and other GM cars the best. I recall being bowled over when the redesigned 1965 GM large cars debuted when I was in junior high school. I was especially smitten by the Pontiac Bonneville 2-door hardtop, with its fastback roofline and sweeping bodyside curves. I've owned a rather eclectic mix of new and used cars, but all were fairly mundane, nothing like that flashy '65 Bonneville. Like so many others, I'm now an import convert, and I have two Toyota Camrys (2004 and 2005 models) and a 1998 Nissan Frontier, all of which have been very reliable. Ironically, all of these "imports" were built in Kentucky or Tennessee.

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