CC Capsule: 1967 BMW R69S – Sidehacking

BMW 1s

An everyday occurrence in SLC

Sometimes things just happen. I had gone to an early morning estate sale in the Avenues section of Salt Lake City a week ago. Once I got to the house I found out that what I was after–mid ‘60s Corgi race cars–had been sold before the sale had even begun. So it was just a big waste of time on my part. As I left the house I espied a museum-perfect 1967 BMW R69S with side car. That kind of made up for my disappointment.



BMW 2s

Oops! Even Curbside Classics need current registration

There’s a certain bias at CC against mojocycles, which I pretty much agree with. But this thing looked as though it had left the BMW factory yesterday. No restoration, no repaints, no nothins. Virginal. I had to shoot it.


BMW 3s

Black is so somber-how about a flamed iridescent respray?

I had pretty much expected the Corgis to be gone before I got to the sale. The house’s contents were unique to the point that the Salt Lake Tribune had run a feature on the sale a week before. Thanks Trib.

But this BMW, parked directly in front of the sale house, made up for my loss. I mean, what do I need with more toy cars? I literally have thousands of them. Wait, did I just say that? I must be losing my mind.