2013 Beetle Convertible – Have You Seen One Yet?

is that a vintage Beetle?

As a devoted car nut, you may not be surprised to know I visit the local car dealerships on a regular basis, not only to check out the latest rolling stock, but to see if there are any interesting brochures to add to my ever-expanding collection. About two weeks ago I ran across a car I knew was coming, but didn’t realize was already available in the States.

12-11-2012 001

Yes, the Beetle convertible has joined its Audi TT-like coupe stablemate. And it looked pretty good to me, especially dressed in bright red with the classic-style VW wheels. On this day, we were having rather unseasonable weather, with no snow and temperatures that approached the mid-50s at times.

12-20-2012 007

But as I write this our region has recently dug out from a most unpleasant blizzard. As you can see in this shot of my drive home last Thursday, it is not exactly convertible weather anymore. So for my Midwestern compatriots, how about a bright red convertible to take our minds off the fact that spring is nearly three months away?

12-11-2012 002

Like the coupe, the Beetle cabrio has a cool color-keyed dash to match the door caps, carried over from its predecessor, the New Beetle. I actually sat in a coupe last spring when my cousin’s husband was looking at new cars (he got a Jetta TDI instead), and I was surprised at the decent room inside, though I couldn’t vouch for the back seat room.

12-11-2012 005

These wheels are what I really fell for. How neat! I recall reading that they were originally only going to be available on European models, but was pleased to see them on a red coupe at the dealer in Iowa City in late 2011. They really make the car. I am not really a convertible person, but this was a pretty cute little drop-top. I am a bit biased as my aunt and uncle have a red ’07 NB convertible, in the same color combination as this new one.

last convertible ride of 2012

I never really thought too much about New Beetles when they came out, other than the fact that they were a cool-looking retro car, much like the PT Cruiser that appeared a couple years later. Frankly, I thought them the ultimate “secretary’s car.” Then I drove Dave and Lori’s. They are fun little cars, very responsive and great handlers. It surprised me.

I have yet to drive the redesigned model, but must admit the new, less cartoony styling is an improvement. And I have to applaud a company that keeps the automotive landscape a bit more interesting, what with all the gray and silver Anonymousmobiles plying our roads!

12-11-2012 004