Advertising Classics: The Citroen 2CV in the UK, 1980s – If You Can’t Hide It…..

There’s a saying, used in the building trade about preparing for a VIP visit and for finalising the layout of ship and aircraft interiors. “If you can’t hide it, paint it red.” If you’re trying to advertise the Citroen 2CV, then a similar rule seems to have applied.

These are a selection of Citroen 2CV advertisements from the 1980s – as you can imagine there was no point in trying to advertise in the same way as practically any other car. But Citroen still advertised, with tongue firmly in cheek and “amuse” rather than “inform” being the aim. Here’s a selection.

Gently poking fun at others (the intimate not ultimate driving machine, frontiers without technology perhaps hinting at vorsprung durch technik, Vauxhall used “Once driven, forever smitten” for some time.

Naturally, there was an answer to the questions about speed and luxury. After, no one breaks speed limits.

And no need to indulge in expensive full colour advertising either – completely out of character.

And which luxuries do you actually need? Space, good seats, fresh air…….after all, you’re likely to moving around town most of the time anyway.

And comparative advertising of the 2CV was possible, sort of.